Settings will not reverse Not yet rated

I used this flawlessly on an earlier version of FF.

On FF v2.0.0.12, it will not reverse the settings once enabled. And will not reset them even after the extension is uninstalled!

After you uninstall it you need to repair the settings:

1) Close Firefox.

2) Find the file prefs.js.

In Vista...C:> USERS > YOU > App Data > Roaming > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles > Default

3) R. Click it and select "Edit" (notepad should open)

4) Scroll down and delete all "steather" references.

5) Save the file. (File Menu > Save)

Restart and it should be fixed.

This extension worked flawlessly on a previous version of FF.

But unfortunately on FF 2.0.12, it will jack-up your box -even if you uninstall it.

Nice extension, if it gets reworked worked to actually work.

**edit* Thanks Bob for adding the additional fix info.

This extension needs to be removed ASAP, before People switch to IE, thinking FF is the culprit with this ill behavior.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.99).