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  • Private Browsing is very slow compared to this add-on.

    Perfect on the fly switching without having to reload pages. Shame it doesn't work with FF 17.0.1
  • Az 1.0.8-as nem működik a 3.6-os böngészővel. Lefagy a kiegészítők menü. Tehetem vissza az előzőt és kezdhetem előlről a konfigot... Grat!
  • Excellent tool very easy to use.
  • A useful addon with a critical bug: it erases ALL THE HISTORY in Firefox 3.6.13 if left active for some time. And you can't get it back. Never. So, this addon used to be good, but now I'd consider it not working. And it doesn't seem to be fixed ever.
  • I'd seriously appreciated it if this was updated to work with Firefox 4! I love this addon and it's a must have for me.
  • This is a great program, but it doesn't work on Firefox 4.0. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I had no trouble with Stealther on Firefox 3.x. I'm using XP Home SP3.
  • Please update this great addon for FF 4!!!!!!!! Thanx a lot!
  • In the latest Firefox 3.6.15, it freeze Firefox = Don´t work !

    Greetings Jørn Rudolph, Denmark
  • Please amend this mod so it does not install for people using firefox beyond 3.6.6 it simply breaks on install. Since very few people are using prior versions of 3.6.6 this addon needs to be marked not working.
    It's one thing to install, its another not to be able to change any option, then the addon box just dies.
  • This is a great APP! It works just fine in Fifrefox version 3.6.13 if you install the newest Stealther version (version 1.0.9) from the Stealther website. http://www.zadet.net/stealther.html This not a verified version from Mozilla however it appears stable and it works just fine.

  • I've been using this add-on for years with great results. However, I just bought a new computer and discovered that Stealther didn't work with FF 3.6.*. Fortunately, after a little tinkering, I figured out how to get Stealther to work.

    DISCLAIMER: This has been tested on Windows 7 with the English (US) version of Firefox. It has not been tested on any other operating system or language. Please attempt this at your own risk. I am not responsible for loss of data, computer malfunctions, or any other foreseeable or unforeseeable occurrences.

    NOTE: If you don't currently have any version of Firefox installed on your computer, after completing step 1, skip to step 4.

    1) Go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html and download Firefox 3.5.16 in your selected language.
    2) Click on Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs for Win XP users)
    3) Right click on Firefox (3.6.*) and select uninstall, then use the Uninstall Wizard.
    4) After Firefox 3.6.* has uninstalled, go to the file where you downloaded Firefox 3.5.16 and install it on your computer using the Install Wizard
    5) Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stealther/ and click “Add to Firefox”.
    6) Restart Firefox.
    7) Click Help > Check for Updates and click on “Get the New Version”
    8) After the update has downloaded, click “Restart Firefox”.
    9) Click “Yes” at the prompt and let Firefox 3.6.13 install.
    10) You now have Firefox with a working Stealther. Enjoy! =)
  • I can't get it to work. It shows up as installed but there's no evidence of it in my browser. Clicking preferences creates a blank row in my window menu but does nothing else.

    Mac OS X 10.6.4, Firefox 3.6.12.
  • Touché ... Stealther is NOT the same as Private Browsing!

    So I hope the developer updates the add ons and the description
  • To the people who say "THIS ADDON IS NOT NEEDED ANYMORE," you don't know what you're talking about!

    When you enable PB, all your open tabs and windows will be CLOSED, and FF will open a new PB window. You'll have no access to any of those closed tabs and windows while in PB mode.
    When you disable PB, all your old tabs must be reloaded. This can be very time consuming and frustrating if you're on a slow or poor connection like I am now. For my 3 windows and 61 tabs to reload can take more than 2 minutes, and I may have to reload them several times and turn off/on Airport a few times because it loses connection with the router.
    When you use Stealther, you can enable it on the fly, and all your other windows and tabs remain open. This allows you to quickly check out a page or site without leaving tracks, then you click the button again and you're back to normal browsing - no need to reload all your tabs again.

    Unfortunately, as other reviewers have noted, it does NOT seem to work on FF 3.6. I've installed it twice, and the button doesn't appear in the Menu Bar's Customize menu, nor does the Preferences button work in the Add-ons window.

    The developer should make the distinction between Stealther and Private Browsing more clear in the description, so people won't be confused. But first he need to make it work with the current FF versions - I'm using 3.6.10.
  • An essential addon that does just what it says, and does it very well: Allows you to browse without leaving a trace (on disk).

    Responding to some prior reviews, this addon is _indeed_ still needed, because the new "Start Private Browsing" feature of Firefox starts your private session by closing all your tabs first: Pretty unnecessary if you ask me. What if you want to turn on complete privacy _quietly_, or for just a few seconds? Stealther gives you both of those, along with a better user interface.
  • The options of the extension not showed, Add-ons window freezed upto restart Firefox 3.6.3 from TaskManager. Can't tune extension wothout the options window, so it unusable and was deinstalled.
  • Is this not needed if you have private browsing?


  • A great addon. Works exactly as expected. Only problem is installing other addons that keep trying to take my Stealther keyboard shortcut. Stupid.
  • The best Add-in a must have..I am using it for years now..Thank you for creating it.. It works if you go to developer's web site..
  • The experimental 1.0.9 version seems to work fine with FF 3.6.3 (Use the View All Versions link under Release Notes below.)
  • Deletes ENTIRE history if I have it turned on when i exit firefox, please fix soon...
  • Does not work because 3.6 has Private browsing now. Look under tools. lol
  • Does not work because 3.6 has Private browsing now. Look under tools. lol
  • 1.0.8 does not work with my firefox 3.6 either. Gets frozen. :-/ Add on is good otherwise