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  • One of my favorite add-ons.
    Please keep it updated.
    Where is the donation link?:)
  • Works great on Firefox 30, I can browse through bookmarks from the main toolbar button itself and keep hidden the bookmarks toolbar this way
  • This WAS a great add-on, but it no longer works all the time. It's not working consistently in Firefox 29, and it wasn't working consistently in FF 28. Sometimes it works as desired for one or two tabs. But just as often, the bookmarks disappear as soon as the tab opens. I really like this add-on and hope it can be fixed.
    Does this happen only with Ctrl-click (rather than middle-click)? Only with livemark (rss feed) items? Only with some feed-related add-on installed? If you (or anyone else experiencing this or similar issue) could provide more details, it would be helpful. Version 3.0 (currently on the development channel) works somewhat differently; perhaps you could test if it functions better for you.
  • Please fix new history menu (toolbar and app button) in Firefox 29. It closes on click now.
    Fixed in 3.0; currently available on the development channel.
  • Seems, that this nicce addon does not work on a Mac (Maveric).This should be told to the user.(I gave 5 Stars 'cause I guess, it would work on Windows, from reading the other ratings, and I really love the Idea!)

    EDIT: As stated by the developer's comments, this Addon does not work with the native OS X Menu Bar, which seems obvious and understandable.

    But it does work within the Bookmarks Toolbar, so there is a tiny little workaround, which - I guess - I'll never use, but I testet it, and it works ;-)
    I do not have access to a Mac to test, so I must depend upon user reports. The Mac issues that I am aware of have been listed in the "Developer's Comments" section (which see for details). Basically, Stay-Open Menu does not work with the native Mac OS X Menu Bar, but should work with the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu Button, etc. Please clarify whether or not that is what you experience. I'll add a brief note of the issue to the "About this Add-on" section if I can get confirmation on this. Thanks.
  • I am using Firefox 16.0.2 and I just noticed that Stay-Open Menu is not working at all. Latest version of the add-on. I had Tabs Mix Plus and Web Developer installed, I have removed them, S-O M still doesn't work.Damn shame. Could be my profile but I'm not resetting it and repairing all the damage that causes.Think Firefox's era is coming to an end actually, though Chrome won't get my vote till it gets a Master Password and a Go button.
    Update: I can't figure out how to reply so I'm doing it here. Many thanks for getting back. Unfortunately I'm not going to be updating Firefox anymore as just too much stuff breaks every time they fiddle with it, so I'm staying on 16 from now into the foreseeable future. I hope you get the update changes working, this add-on of yours really does restore a vital missing piece of core functionality FF should always have had.In the meantime I've upped the review to 5, but I'll have to check the older version works.Keep it up! ;)
    Update: Confirmed 2.1 works with FF 16.0.2 - Manythanks
    Confirmed that Stay-Open Menu 2.2 does not work on Firefox versions prior to 20. I've updated its compatibility information on AMO. Firefox 16.0.2 is obsolete and should be upgraded for security reasons. I haven't time to test new versions of Stay-Open Menu on all the obsolete Firefox versions, so I rely on user's bug reports for this information. Thanks for the information, although bugs should be reported as listed in the 'About this Add-on' section, rather than posted in the reviews. If you won't update Firefox for some reason, please revert to Stay-Open Menu 2.1 or install 2.2.1 which contains a tiny change to restore compatibility with older versions of Firefox (available only from the all versions page until it gets reviewed by Mozilla).
  • This addon is in a league of its own; it's one of the few extensions that are so useful and convenient, they should eventually be implemented in the Firefox UX design by default! Like a few other "must-have" addons, it's tough to imagine using FF without this ability. The developer of this addon deserves every ounce of praise he or she is receiving for it.
  • Just what I wanted. Thanx.
  • It shouldn't be an extension but a native function of firefox!
  • Greatest Add on. This Guy is the shit. A++
  • 与Omnibar一同使用时会出错,请将其添加为例外,谢谢
  • Let me just tell you this. The creator of this add-on, is a person I would make president of the USA. It's UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I have always needed this and have waited tons of energy because It never existed. But now I found you, my beloved add-on. In sickness and in health - I'm yours. Forever. And ever.

    Thank you, Noble Developer! You are DA MAN!!!
  • It is such a simple thing but I had been looking for the option to keep the menus open. I do tons of bookmark editing as one of my personal projects is to create the list of ultimate websites. It was really really really annoying how it insisted on automatically closing before this add-on.

    Way to go!
  • works but i would ike to see it working on thinkgs like search google for X munu
    Edit: the context menu...
  • Try this addon !!
    You will never remove it.
    what a awesome idea dev.
  • I can click on many bookmarks quickly without the pain and hassle of moving back and forth between the bookmark menu for each one I open! WOW, this makes SO MUCH SENSE, it just cleared my headache!
    Thank you so much!!
  • Works great, I don't know how I ever used Fx without it...


    Have you considered adding the option for the right-click context menu on web pages?

    I don't know how many times I have to keep reopening the right-click context menu to select multiple menu items, but I do know for sure it's to many times to count.
  • Excellent addon! It would be awesome if menus could stay open also with the addons 'History Button' and 'Undo Close Tab Replacement'.
    Stay-Open Menu 2.0b2 supports the 'History Button' add-on. Currently available at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/stay-open-menu/versions/ or wait for the final 2.0 release.
    Support for 'Undo Close Tab Replacement' may be considered for some future release.
  • Must Have add-on! Very helpful!
  • Have an issue with the BookmarksBar addon. When middle-button clicking on a link in the bookmarks bar, the bar still diseappear.
    Only issue I see is that if "Hide Bookmarks Toolbar when a page is opened" is active, the toolbar will indeed hide as requested. If the toolbar becomes hidden, it's popups will too. If you use "Toggle the toolbar with the mouse" instead, it waits for the popups to close before hiding. I don't think Stay-Open Menu should attempt to prevent another extension's option from doing what it says it will. If you think that extension's option should behave differently, contact its author.
  • I rollback any fx update if this extension won't work (excl, compatibility check). It
    implements missing "core" functionality. Do I need to say more? :)
  • This is such an excellent add on. It's exactly what I've been looking for.
  • Saves a lot of time when opening multiple pages from feeds, bookmarks etc. Very useful plugin, especially if you use a laptop and touchpad.
  • History/Recently closed Tabs, menu not close after after move mouse.
    Please see my reply to "UsernameNN" in reference to this issue.
  • I'm back using this now, excellent Addon, thanks to the author.

    I stopped using it as it never really allowed the menu to errr... stay open as one would expect in Windows. Now though dragging/dropping and moving bookmarks is almost perfect. Also the option to reopen menus after changing properties is a great idea! Wow, would never of thought of that.

    Thank you again for your hard work! :-)
    Glad you got things working the way you want, but nothing in Stay-Open Menu should change the default Firefox drag & drop behavior. The reopen option was inspired by another user's request.