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  • Stay-Open Menu是个不错的软件,但现在firefox58版本已经不可用
    firefox浏览器按ctrl键同时打开多个书签的方法:1、打开 about:config 网址并单击“我了解此风险!” 2、在下边搜索框内输入browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu 3、右键将true切换到false
  • It is the only extension from my list that isn't compartible with FF56.
    Many people have no plans to update to FF57, they need this extension!!!

    Developer response

    There is now a version available for use on Firefox 56. See
    for details.
  • Awesome add-on need keep alive!
  • Great addon but after installing the Firefox 56 beta released today it doesn't work (there's info that it's not compatible with the Firefox 56).

    Developer response

    Yes, that's because version 3.0.2 isn't compatible. See
    for details.
  • The best add-on ever!

    Please update it to WebExtension edition.

    Developer response

    Thanks, but unfortunately there is no method available to update it to webextension. I am attempting to get the most basic of its functionality added to fx itself.
  • useful for lot of bookmarks
  • I have a lot of live bookmarks and this addon is perfect for it!
  • It's one of those rare cases where you find EXACTLY what you're looking for. It does the job, and does it well.

    Many thanks for your work - and who cares about WebExtensions, glad Stay-Open Menu is Pale Moon compatible, at least the older 2.2.2rc version. I hope for the latest version to also cater for Pale Moon, I see you've made significant changes.
  • +5
  • If only 3 extensions could be added to FF, this one would be among them! Thank you custom.firefox.lady!

    The automatic menu closing option is also very useful (I use a 100 pixels distance around menus to keep them open).

    However there is a feature I miss very much: the menu unfortunately DOES CLOSE when dragging bookmarks and you accidentally move the mouse outside the menu (should stay open).

    Another VERY useful feature would be a shortcut to open the last submenu you used (Ctrl + Shift(Alt) + B for instance). This is very similar to the existing option "Redisplay menu after Properties dialog closes", so it may be much easier to implement than the first feature I mentioned.

    Thanks once again for the addon

    Developer response

    Glad the add-on is useful to you. I will consider your requests. However, with Firefox's planned transition to Web Extensions, I am hesitant to add new features at present.
  • Has many clever options to improve experience working with the menus (bookmarks). It is a must 4 me.
  • Temporary solution is to change 'Distance from menu (in pix)' to 1 while waiting developer to fix the bug.

    1. Go Options, under 'Automatic Menu-closing'
    2. Close when mouse moves off menu (make sure it's selected)
    3. Distance from menu (in pix): 1

    Developer response

    Bug occured only as mouse moves between menu and submenu when (non-default) Autoclosing option is enabled with its distance option at the default of zero. I could not reproduce this bug until your workaround gave me some clue. Fixed in 3.0.1. If issue persists for anyone, please report, preferably via support forum or contact form.
  • This is by FAR one of the best FF extensions out there! This is exactly how bookmarks menu was supposed to be from the beginning. Thank you!!
  • Thanks for the support of menu from some addon like:
    - Stylish
    - greasemonkey
    That's a great improvement !
  • I find this extension indispensible. It works exactly as advertised and has since its beginning. custom.firefox.lady has always been highly responsive to feedback and is always pleasant to deal with, and this extension has always been a joy to use. Deserves more than five stars.
  • This add-on they do now.
    Developer is fantastic, I reported a problem with Omnibar being incompatible and they quickly got in contact and solved it in a matter of hours. 5 starts to them!
  • Отличное дополнение для Firefox! Позволяет открывать закладки с помощью средней кнопки мыши или или левой с Ctrl - без закрытия выпадающего меню Закладки.
  • Perfect, just what I was looking for!

    I wonder why Firefox does not support such a feature by default: Opening only some links in a menu (in contrast to one or all what Firefox currently offers) seems like a very common use case to me.
  • Feature request: Can you make it so that on the Bookmarks menu, a right click -> Open or Open in New Tab keeps the menu open too?
    Thank you.

    Developer response

    This feature is available in version 3.0 (currently on the beta channel). Download from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/stay-open-menu/versions/3.0b5 or wait for the final release.
  • Thank you for the Pale Moon compabitility
  • Works great on Linux Mint.
  • Wouldn't run for me.

    Developer response

    As you can see from other reviews, this does work for others. I'd be glad to help you find what's going wrong, if you'd like to contact me with further details via my contact form at http://www.shadetreeapiary.com/extension/Forms/contactform.htm or at the Add-ons Forum thread at https://forums.mozilla.org/addons/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=11332 or the listed support site (mozillazine).
  • I can't remember if I ever thanked you for this add-on, so I'll do so now. Thank you very much, and then some more.
    This is *the* add-on I can't do without in any browser and why I still stick with Firefox, despite the questionable roads Mozilla has been taking it.

    And separate thanks for the 3.0 beta versions that work with the normal Bookmark button added by Classic Theme Restorer.
  • This is a must have. Hard to believe that with all those options in about:config, this isn't one. Glad we have this to fix it!
  • I think the behaviour "keep the bookmark menu opens" should be default in Firefox.