Not for Mac Users. ;-( Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Seems, that this nicce addon does not work on a Mac (Maveric).This should be told to the user.(I gave 5 Stars 'cause I guess, it would work on Windows, from reading the other ratings, and I really love the Idea!)

EDIT: As stated by the developer's comments, this Addon does not work with the native OS X Menu Bar, which seems obvious and understandable.

But it does work within the Bookmarks Toolbar, so there is a tiny little workaround, which - I guess - I'll never use, but I testet it, and it works ;-)

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Re: Not for Mac Users

I do not have access to a Mac to test, so I must depend upon user reports. The Mac issues that I am aware of have been listed in the "Developer's Comments" section (which see for details). Basically, Stay-Open Menu does not work with the native Mac OS X Menu Bar, but should work with the Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu Button, etc. Please clarify whether or not that is what you experience. I'll add a brief note of the issue to the "About this Add-on" section if I can get confirmation on this. Thanks.