Rated 3 out of 5 stars

i like this addon for the simple function it offers. however, somewhere along the line..or maybe it was always like that, i'm not so sure why but it stopped opening even the top folder on the bookmarks toolbar.

at first i thought it didn't support the bookmarks toolbar but checking the website and seeing the screenshots proved otherwise. i've also had a look at some of the bug reports you have listed on the site but came up with nothing.

since i (and others) multi-task, i can't disable any addons (requiring restart) one by one to see which addon it is that is causing possible conflict...but just for the record, i will put down what addons i'm using currently, that headline affecting bookmarks-or just the toolbar itself in general.

- Bookmark Duplicate detector
- Go Parent folder
- Show Parent folder
(adds a 'category/sort by to the existing displaying 'parent' folder)
- Smart bookmarks bar
(for the saving of favicon space. Hover for file names. Auto hide toolbar)
- Stay-Open Menu
- Xmarks

aside from the last, these should all be strictly concentrating on one function in general. possibly there were addons from before, now uninstalled, but we cannot remember them, sorry.

that said, it really is a very nice function and i will continue to use it hoping for a possible solution^^

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.3). 

Re: problem on bookmarks toolbar

I cannot reproduce your issue based on the information here. If it's compatibility related, perhaps it is already fixed by version 1.5.3. It's not necessary to disable them one-by-one. See steps 2-4 under the heading 'Extension Issues' at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Standard_diagnostic_-_Firefox. Please post at the support site or use the contact form on the extension's homepage if you'd like help or would rather try other diagnostic methods. Often one cannot 'guess' which extensions are incompatible by looking at their names. If you don't have time to troubleshoot or just can't restart /now/, that's understandable. But you are unlikely to resolve issues without at some point restarting Firefox.

Additional note: The issue reported in a previous review by 'Ketchup Addict' (hilite gets out-of-sync with mouse pointer), now has a workaround listed on the extension's homepage.