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  • This is a good add-on to have. We have patched this version to work with firefox 3.6 and it worked with no problems. We updated our firefox 3.6 to firefox 3.6.7 today and tested status bars and it passed.

  • Please update this addon to work with firefox 3.6.x (3.6.6). I need this addon badly I have a lot of clutter and I'm guessing this addon is similar to Organize Status bar which lets you pick the icons in your status bar, however that addon reads the list of status bar icons and displays them in a cryptic way, thats unreadable, I'm looking for an addon that lets you see the actual icon image next to the title of the status bar icon. Also if it actually lets you have multiple status bars like tabs that would be very impressive, as I don't know how to do this manually!

  • Update for version 3.6.3 please

  • it doesn't work all that well, someone needs to work on this to make it more current, usable, compatible with other extensions etc

  • This is still one of the most useful addons out there! Hope to see an update someday, before that I just modify the maxVersion in install.rdf.

  • This Addon DOES support FF3!
    The Addon just include a wrong file, that tells FF(Firefox), that it just support version 1.0 - 2.0.0.*
    If you would hack the addon, you can run it on FF3 without any Problems (in my case).
    You can download/install the hacked Addon here:
    or (alternativ) here:

  • update PLEASE!!!

  • this addon is indeed very useful. It's a shame that this addon has not been updated for such a long time. So please update it!!!

  • This add-on was last updated in 2007, maybe someone could take this project and make a new version for FF 3.0 and higher.

  • Update it please!

  • Need a new version for Firefox 3.0

  • Need a new version for Firefox 3.5

  • Please update for 3.0.11 :)

  • Very useful addon for people with too many addons, like myself.

    But, as mentioned by someone else before, FoxClocks is incompatible, as I imagine other addons may be.

    Something that would be really great would be (also mentioned before by someone, I think) to make all of the status bars visible at once, making the addon a status bar 'extender' somewhat. That would also be great because then all the status bar items would be visible at once.

  • Thanks Otis! It's work very fine. And now my Status Bar neatly arranged like it was with FF2.

  • GUESS What Folks... I've just installed this extension on ff 3.0.1, and it works fairly well. There's no plugin like this one (NOT Organize statusbar NOR Statususable).

    This is absolutely the best StatusBar Organizer HANDS DOWN!

    P.s. I installed this plugin by clicking the Ignore version check link under the "Add to Firefox" button on this page. And I used MR Tech Toolkit to remove the version check.

    I hope this info helps someone like me.


  • Excellent addon for handling large number of status bar items.

  • I would like to see SOMEONE take over this Addon Project and make it available AND functional again for FF3.0.3 and BEYOND!

  • Anotehr example of short attention span gen x-ers. Code it once and forget about it. Love to see the state of these types life 40 years down the road.

  • Looks like this would be a pretty sweet extension for FF3. I'll wait patiently.

  • I used to use this because of huge number of extensions. Now, I need a version for Firefox 3.

  • How long we have to whait for a new Version of this add-on? Come on guys, let's make it usefull for Firefox3.

  • Sounds great and sounds like it used to work well but not our for ff3 yet.

  • Will be possible to make it compatible with Firefox3? It's a great add-on witch I cannot use actually with version 3.

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