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  • I'm using AND LOVING this add-on, but it seems it will no longer work on FF54.
    Is there any hope of an update? Or maybe another add-on that works on FF54+?
  • you edit the install.rdf and change the max version for the target application (aka Firefox) to something not less than '35.0.1' (or whatever you're running) *AND* you use an add-on that restores a statusbar (so it has a place to put the clock). Good display customization options.
  • No worky on FF 23
  • Found a better add-on titled "Simple Clocks"

    Basically does the same thing, but has more features. To save you from searching, here you go:
  • You vendors that create Add-Ons for Firefox need to make your Add-Ons backwards compatible with Firefox 3.6.27, as many of us still use the older Firefox because it allows use of many Add-Ons that don't work with any newer versions beyond 3.6.27. Some Add-Ons add additional Accessibility aid for those of us that need them.
  • Using the link from meman887 too. Settings are OK, only some transparency on the statusbar menu. Great add-on at all, very configurable.
    Thanks to everyone for the tips.
  • Is this only being updated by the fans of this add on? If so, thank you. And if so, this means that the original author *still* has abandoned this great idea. Poo poo to him. I'll take it back if I'm wrong.

    Is it me, or is the clock left-justified only? It's been so long that I can't remember if we could put it on the right - which I can't seem to do regardless of selection.

    Currently using meman887's suggested link/version and FF 11.0.
  • I love this Add-On but once again Firefox updated even though I chose not to and now this Add-On does not work with Firefox 10.
  • Great addon. This works with Firefox 9:

  • This does work with FF 4.0 after you modify it like Alan0304 said earlier. I uploaded the modified file to rapidshare here:
    just save to desktop and drag into the FF window scan it with Virustotal (google it) if you are paranoid - love this addon!!!

    The status bar (called the add-on bar in FF4.0) is hidden by default in FF4.0. Just click on Firefox in the upper left corner go to Options and click on Add-on Bar to make it visible.
  • Respect to Cosmic Cat Creations for an add-on I can't do without!
    To update you only need to change the max version in the install.rdf file. I open the timestatus.xpi file with 7-Zip, then open the install file with Notepad, make the change (4.*) after saving install with the Install Add-on from File option.
  • Very nice.

    How about an update for FF and a version for Thunderbird also?
  • Hello,

    Please update for FF 3.6.8

    Thank you
  • oh yeah ) an imazing convinience adoon!
  • Great idea! But You are better off using FoxClocks! Better GUI and you are able to have it located within the Status bar or the Toolbar area! []
  • Great idea! But You are better off using FoxClocks! Better GUI and you are able to have it located within the Status bar or the Toolbar area! []
  • great idea
  • We need an update for new FF-version 3.5 please !
    Thx for this.

    Greetings from germany
  • too bad, does not work for 3.0.11
  • It works well on Firefox 3.*. You have to modify the .XPI itself and set the max version to something higher than 2.0
  • Update pretty please!
  • thanks to "santa666" as well for using the link provided.
    it works great in Firefox 3.0.8
  • thank you to "santa666" as well for the link provided
  • thanks a bunch "fwaits"
    it works beautifully in Firefox 3.0.8
  • thanks a bunch "fwaits"
    copied the link you provide, dropped into the address bar, bingo, to install popped up and installed without any problem.
    love it so much