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Version 2011.03.27.22b 85.0 KB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

* Put S4E style borders (for the Add-on Bar and other bottom toolbars) behind a preference. Disable by default.
* Set urlbar compatibility function shims on the prototype instead of the instance. Fixes compatibility with dynamic bindings (i.e. Smart Text).
* If there are only paused downloads, show the paused count in the button and tooltip ('unknown time remaining' is useless).
* Fix assertion in Firefox 4.2a1pre.
* Add status text getters (better extension integration support).
* Remove delay before showing link/status in the urlbar.
* Add options to control the delay before showing/hiding hovered links.
* Add locale file for generating install.rdf l10n blocks.
* Added translations for: sr
* Updated translations for: de, zh-CN

Version 2011.03.21.22 74.8 KB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

* Make S4E more robust when dealing with incompatible extensions and missing UI elements.
* Properly handle location bar deconstruction when it is removed from the UI.
* Updated translations for: ro
* Update copyright dates.

Version 2011.03.16.22 73.7 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b12 and later

Summary of changes:
* Rewrote preferences backed and UI
* Implemented link/status in the location bar, with controls to change its appearance
* Added support for the chrome-style status popup
* Advanced controls for changing the styles of the progress bars
* Updated translations for: da, fr, hu, it-IT, ja-JP, nl, pl, pt-BR, sv-SE, zh-CN, zh-TW (de still needs updates)
* Added translations for: ro

For a complete list of changes since the last release, head over to the support topic at MozillaZine.

Version 2011. 53.2 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Added locales fr, pl, pt-BR and updated various others

Version 2011.03.10.18b 45.1 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b12 and later

* Fix some compatibility issues with 3rd party themes.
* Keep urlbar suggestion dropdown arrow visible.
* Add option to hide background/async/XHR network status.
* Implement a simple style editor for selecting progress colors and images.
* Fix toolbar progress settings.
* Add annotations to the status elements. #status4evar-status-text, #statusbar-display, and .urlbar-over-link-box will have a "type" attribute set to one of the following: link, network, network_xhr, status_chrome, status_content, status_content_default, or status_chrome_default.

Version 2011.03.06.15b 42.0 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b12 and later

* Don't use min-width on location bar link/status text.
* Better integration with the content pop-up.
* Simplify link/status handling in pup-up.
* Fix default status disappearing when switching tabs.
* Add setting to control urlbar status color.
* Don't clear the urlbar status when loading a new page (on urlbar location change).
* Add settings for controlling the position of the urlbar status. When the status alignment is set to "Right", the slider controls the max length of the status text. When the alignment is set to "Fixed", the slider controls the fixed start position.

Version 2011.02.20.23b 41.0 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b11 and later

* Remove the ordinal from the status-bar (allow it to be arbitrarily positioned again).
* Restore the ability to show the default status text.
* Simplify the location bar overlay.
* Fix borders/padding/margins on the location bar.
* Tweak progress bar border styles.
* Allow the Mac OS X toolbar progress item to have custom styles. Rough implementation.

Version 2011.02.07.02b 41.0 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b11 and later

* Rewrite preference service and preference dialog. Rename a number of preferences.
* Allow location bar and toolbar progress meters to be independently styled.
* Add support for the status overlay popup
* Implement link-over/status text in the location bar.

* The advanced progress meter style editor isn't ready yet. Instead, there is a text box where you can manually edit the CSS background property. See the W3C CSS background property for details.
* The location bar styling still need a little work. The borders/margins might be a little off.

Version 2011. 48.1 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* The location bar link-over/status text implementation was removed in a recent Firefox nightly. S4E should gracefully handle this until it provides its own implementation.

Version 2011. 48.1 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Use a period instead of a hyphen in the version number. AMO doesn't like it.
* Properly persist the S4E toolbar items after adding them on first run after installing. They should now stay there after restarting.
* Consolidate and simplify toolbar styling
* Add locale zh-CN and update nl

Version 2011.01.17.02-1 47.1 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Don't change the bottom borders on Mac.
* Bottom border shouldn't be visible when all toolbars are hidden.
* Hide the old statusbar resize gripper on platforms that still have it.
* status4evar.firstRun really should default to true.
* Disable native progress styles on the URL bar. Right now, they only look good on Linux.
* Added locales da, de, hu, it-IT, ja-JP, nl, sv-SE, zh-TW

Version 2011.01.17.02 36.9 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Fix window gripper resize action; dir needs to be set to bottomend.
* First pass at fixing the top border of the Add-on Bar.
* Remove line at the bottom of the Add-on Bar.

Version 2011.01.17.00 36.9 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

Version 2011.01.17.00
* Add a compatibility shim for extensions that directly modified the old status bar text. This will be removed when the statusbar element is removed.
* Resize gripper should not be visible in fullscreen mode.

Version 2011.01.16.03 36.9 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Rename "Also apply style to the toolbar item" to "Override native progress styles", and make it also affect the urlbar progress line. By default, use the native style.
* Preference status4evar.firstRun should default to false, not true.
* Add an option to make the Download Status button always visible
* [Mac] Really fix Add-on Bar preference tab.
* [Mac] Hide the S4E window resize gripper. There's already one.
* [Mac] Move the gripper overlap prevention padding from the status-bar to the addon-bar. Silly Mozilla.

Version 2010.12.26.22 35.8 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b8 and later

* Add the status, progress and download items to the Add-on Bar default set to handle when the toolbars get reset
* Don't allow the status text or progress items to be hidden in popup windows (assuming they're on a toolbar that's still visible)
* Add a empty image to the Add-on Bar tab of the preferences window, so the title is aligned correctly
* On first install, after adding the items to the Add-on Bar, make it visible
* Work around some preference window bugs by specifying a minimum height for each tab panel

Version 2010.11.20.19 34.8 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0b9pre

* Add options to control the contents of the download status button label and tooltip
* Fix status text resize gripper styling on Windows (and probably Mac)
* Tweak margins of toolbar items to better fit the default platform themes
* Show status text widget name in the widget when customizing the toolbar
* Fix typo in preference migration

Version 2010.11.17.21 33.8 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0b8pre

* Add setting to hide default status text (i.e. "Done")
* Make "Clear the status after X seconds" also clear the status widget
* Use a proper XPCOM interface, rather than wrappedJSObject
* Rename and migrate a few preferences, in preparation for tab progress changes
* When the status text widget is placed next to another flexible item (url bar, search bar, tab bar, etc.), allow them to be resized using a gripper
* Improve download status button appearance and labels - show download count as label and time remaining as tooltip
* Update download status tooltip even when it's visible

Version 2010.10.20.02 29.7 KB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0b8pre

* Fix location bar progress bar margins on Windows (7) and probably Mac