65 reviews
  • A fantastic search engine that respects your privacy. I have no hesitations recommending Startpage to everybody. Try it, then tell your friends and family about! 5 Stars!
  • Excellent, rien à dire. J'utilise depuis presque un an et j'aime beaucoup la nouvelle page d'accueil aussi.
  • The world needs to get behind search engines like StartPage and DuckDuckGo and send a message to those those big corporations who have been found to be tweaking, distorting, mis-informing and selling out your privacy. Bring back truth and privacy.
  • J'utilise depuis toujours et je n'ai qu'à m'en féliciter.
  • Great at privacy but doesn't always have as many search results as google will have for the same search. HOWEVER...it ALSO DOESNT CENSOR ANYTHING so you'll find search results on STARTPAGE that you wouldn't on Google as well...mainly things such as conservative news reports, articles about Trump that aren't automatically skewed negatively, pro-life articles, anti-soro exposes, etc. So, all in all I'd say way better than Google search. Can clearly trust this app for a much more balanced or honest search response on ANY topic (liberal or conservative because it censors neither).