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  • 01/18/2020
    I did an extensive analysis of https://www.startpage.com using the UBlock Origin, UMatrix, Disconnect, Privacy Badger, Cookie Autodelete and HTTPS Everywhere Firefox addons. Result: I found that cookies, images, css, media, scripts ... everything, came from one domain only: startpage.com. Not a single script for any other domain (including Google), no tracking cookies, no analytics, no ad related JavaScript, no CDNs, no tags, beacons ... NOTHING, only startpage.com.
    I did my "homework" and now I can believe on what I see, startpage is currently CLEAN as it always was.
  • owned by an advertising company. no trust
  • "Startpage" ist fast wie Google nur bekommt man hier 100% bessere Ergebnisse ohne Tracking und lästige Werbung!
  • Been a long term user of Startpage. I did NOT expect this to happen! I have removed this add on and. of course, I do not use and will not ever use Startpage again. The previous review posted a source link, as I cant stress this enough for people who are still using Startpage or considering to do so, please reconsider!

    I will sign my review by posting the source link too: https://reclaimthenet.org/startpage-buyout-ad-tech-company/
  • Been bought by a click advertising company you've flushed your integrity down the drain. Go figure why I uninstalled.

    Source: https://reclaimthenet.org/startpage-buyout-ad-tech-company/
  • Dans l’ensemble pas trop mal, mais je suis déçu qu’il me demande de l’installer alors que c’est déjà fait.
    En ce qui concerne les Préférences, une fois modifié, enregistré il ne les conserve pas du tout, quand on redémarre Firefox tout est remis par défaut.
    Je songe à m'en débarrasser et voir ce que je peux trouver, mais certainement pas Qwant par contre.
  • Look how active Startpage have been replying to the comments and questions, and now its been totally quiet here.
    Startpage, who promised "real privacy" have after all this years partnered with the ad-company System1 (I think anyone understand that they are anything but privacy friendly) something i did not expect to happen, not with Startpage, but i (and many others) was wrong.

    Dear Startpage, you proved yourself being a scam. Users trust is hard to gain, now when letting your true shady fake face shine, you dont deserve any trust whatsoever.
  • Also a long time Startpage fan. Its really sad and a big surprise. I did not expect Startpage to take this path. RIP Startpage.
  • Longtime fan of Startpage. This is truly concerning and sad. I’ve gotten emotionally so invested in Startpage,often even recommending it to people over DuckDuckGo these days and their anonymous view was also quite a great feature.

    Startpage has been around for many many years, I would never have expected this to happen, to be honest.
  • Startpage - Take back your privacy by using Startpage.com. High quality search results without ads.

    And sold to a ad company by the name System1 ?
    Maybe you can consider changing the extension and the promising words? Its pretty misleading for being a "Private Search Engine" without trackers and ads, that now are sold to System1, one of the bigger ad crap companies out there.

    A shame really.
    Privacy search engine StartPage has sold to ad tech company System1
  • Love StartPage, allows me to have the best in search results without the tracking. IMO, better than DuckDuckGo, and other alternatives that have partial IP, DNS leakage, etc.
  • Before even considering Startpage, please read up about the ad company System1 and Startpage!
    The trust I have had for Startpage during this years is sadly broken. Good luck with your new ad company partner, System1.
  • Did some research and its very true that an ad company (System1) have bought Startpage OR is in some other way involved.

    This has happen in the past with other extensions, being suddenly sold, everything looks like it should, but the new ownership do indeed track. Ghostery is an example of this.

    Startpage has been taken down from privacy sites recommendation lists, but there are still more to come.


    More to be read here: https://reclaimthenet.org/startpage-buyout-ad-tech-company/
  • Thank you so much for posting that Startpage has been sold to that ad-company, if not I would not have known this.

    Now I have removed this extension, and changed back to my old search engine. Its a shame. I really liked Startpage.
  • Leider hat sich die Firma Startpage durch ihren Verkauf an eine Werbefirma für mich erledigt.

    Ich bin vorerst bei Ecosia.