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  • StartPage is simple to set up and use. It is the most effective way to maintain your privacy while you search for whatever information you need to find. "TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!"

  • Simplesmente a melhor!

  • Seems to give accurate results. No fake links and no ads!

  • The best

  • ok

  • It's fantastic, fast and anonymous. What's not to like!

  • Does what it says, without using a dystopian web of surveillance tools on you.

  • Works great and works rapidly.

  • does not collect data from the searches. very fast. opens new tab when clicking a search result.

  • StartPage holds sacred what the rest of the Web should have from the start: Freedom.

    Freedom from intrusion, tracking, targeted marketing, etc. I hate when I search for something online and the next site I visit has nothing but ads for the exact same thing i searched for. I never have that problem with StartPage.

    StartPage also offer an email service, StartMail, that I am interested in trying. Gmail, Yahoo (Oath.), etc. continue to use algorithms in their email applications so, this continues to be a very attractive alternative.

  • Would be great if it would allow me to use a generated URL

  • es ist anonym

  • StartPage's business model is good, plusss (that's French for +)....they are; Fair, Firm, Fair & Fast & they tend to protect you from those back-stabbing lil Weasels.....(Theoretically)....In closing, lets all hope this works....and our best wishes, too.....Respectfully yours, Pw McKenna Carey

  • It Goolges Google for you, keeping your privacy private as it doesnt track what you search for.

  • Love the search privacy it offers.

  • Working fine

  • Working just fine...

  • I haven't been able to use it yet. A error message appears stating that it can't load because it states that a file already exist. When I checked, - there was no file. There's something wrong with the program...

  • Their Privacy standards - AND, I do not appreciate all the options you and/or Google add to my 'choices', since I check-in with some sites each and every day, which SHOULD mean they appear at the top of the Search List. They never do, usually anywhere from fourth to seventh down the list!!!! If I could be DISCONNECTED with anything to do with Google, I'd like that. There whole purpose is to game the process and gather personal information.

  • mozilla&firefox is definetly my preference.

  • ok

  • Always seems to give good results. What else can you ask for besides what it provides at its core - privacy.

  • You can get the best part of google search algorithm without its worst of privacy invasion. StartPage is always one of my top search options.

  • I have been using it for years and don't get "followed" nor am I bombarded with emails