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  • Très bonne application je la conseille les yeux fermés
  • Al abrir en una nueva pestaña hace un destello blanco, quemando mis ojos con previa configuración de tema oscuro (Dark). Lamentablemente quedan rastros de tema blanco molestos al abrir en una nueva pestaña con theme Dark.
  • LOving this. Customisation takes a bit of time, sure, but once set it's EVERYWHERE you open the page. At work. At home. At a friend's place when you're ficing their computer. All your bookmarks, there and searchable.

    Anyone who whinges about privacy should NOT use this extension. Ignore any reviewers who do so whinge. This extension does its job well.

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    Hello Benjamin, you will always remain the owner of your bookmarks. You can always export your bookmarks and take them to another service if you want. We just ask for the right to display your bookmarks in the most convenient way. Please do let us know in case you have any further questions about this.
  • mail widget, korean Hangle, break

    네이버 메일 위젯과 연결했는데 한글이 깨져 보이네욤 ㅠㅠ
  • La possibilité d'ajouter l'URL courante à sa page start.me est une bonne chose, par contre cela ne prend pas en compte la session courante, pareil pour l'ouverture d'un nouvel onglet. Concrètement cette extension est insupportable donc inutilisable, il suffirait de gérer les sessions plutôt que des paramètres statiques et elle serait très bonne.
  • Still redirecting new windows after uninstallation and reboot! malware?
  • Good browser, not great but good.
  • An absolutely amazing extension which I recommend anyone to try.

    Sure, there is an initial investment in customising to your needs, but that is the strength because you can make it fit your individual needs.

    The start.me people seem to really have their act together and constantly offering small but significant improvements.

    I love it, don't understand why anyone would not.