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  • Have been using this addon for a while now, works great and helps me greatly. The only problem I see with it is that it stopped loading completely after the latest Firefox update. I can still access it by typing "start.me" into address field, but not through the addon.
  • I have bookmarks over 2-3 levels of folder structure. This tool flattens it to one single level. Not usable for me.
  • Asks you to create an account, never asks you to create a password, if you try to get an email to set a password by using the "forgot my password" option the email never arrives, sends you spam and doesn't let you delete your account.
    Sorry to hear you have problems accessing and deleting your account. Please e-mail us at support@start.me and let us know if you want us to to send you a new password or delete your account.

    Also, we'll look at improving our sign-up flow and allow users to create a password at sign-up.
  • application freeze, when I click any button ;;
  • Good
  • Es magnifica, me encanta por todo lo cómoda, útil y fácil de usar que es, pero seria bueno mantener las actualizaciones constantes, en la ultima versión de FireFox se ha deshabilitado por lo mismo.
  • Works fine but the RSS badge number disappear after 1 second on some sites, in others never appear.
    In any case, if I open the panel, the RSS in page are always correctly intercepted.
    Please fix.
  • Très bonne application je la conseille les yeux fermés
  • Al abrir en una nueva pestaña hace un destello blanco, quemando mis ojos con previa configuración de tema oscuro (Dark). Lamentablemente quedan rastros de tema blanco molestos al abrir en una nueva pestaña con theme Dark.