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  • ótima! excelente! a uso no Chrome há um bom tempo!

  • So far I absolutely love this start up page. It is simple and yet is highly customizable! I love that the developers take an interest even further by providing tips to help you learn more about their product. Highly recommend to anyone wanting an excellent start up/home page that you can make all your own!

  • Nie działa w Firefox 61.0.1 (x64)

  • I left StartMe last year, because the way it fills the new page address bar always bothered me - it slows down my workprocess due to fact I have to remove their address and type my search afterwards. Seemingly just few seconds lost at a time, but man, I do google a lot. It stacks up.

    Although after searching for a better page, I have came back. Until now I've been using my own html file as home and new tab, but due to Firefox' setup, it's more annoying to set it up than not, and their updates wipe my settings regardless. That's where StartMe wins.

    The To-Dos, Bookmark Lists, Notes, and multiple cards - It allowed me to organize my work and remove other productivity Addons. It does what it claims it does and I'm happy with it.

    Though it could get a bit of design overhaul. Or options. Or is it a part of paid version already?

  • 很不错,使用方便

  • Ottima home page per Firefox. Questa estensione offre una home pagine semplice ma completa, personalizzabile al massimo. Ottimo colpo d'occhio generale su tutti i preferiti. Sono facilmente aggiungibili. Utile e facile da utilizzare. Unica piccola cosa migliorabile, la velocita' di caricamento.

  • excellent application to organize the links, easy to configure

  • Good app!
    For it to be perfect, the user should be able to create a widgetpp of "last visited pages".

    Виснет ВСЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When I started adding widgets and changing my tab backgrounds, Start.me seemed to be exactly what I wanted in a homepage. I love being able to change the background on each tab to anything I want, having preset categorical tabs (especially the health one), and the ability to add, remove, copy, or move any widget.

    There are two problems with it: I can't drag and drop widgets to move them on a page (which is HUGE because I'm not sure where to put anything before adding it) and a couple Google and Yahoo widgets don't work. I would keep using Start.me as my default homepage if these issues are fixed and there was no "free" icon in one corner.

  • Allow me use lightweght PaleMoon browser with full featured FireFox.

  • Start.me is an incredible product! I've been an Xmarks user for several years. But after learning that Xmarks is scheduled to retire in a matter of days, I would've struggled to find a better (or comparable) alternative in time to manage my shared bookmarks.

    As a homeschooling mother of five, our environment is 100% digital and my children's schoolwork is delivered in a cross-platform, and cross-browser environment. Naturally, managing and syncing shared bookmarks and profiles, and the bookmarks of each child was problematic in an environment such as this.

    We rely heavily on a robust program that will accommodate our specific application requirements, and with the recent discovery of start.me and all its amazing features and benefits, my worries and fears have been TOTALLY eliminated. With start.me, we can see all our bookmarks (and any additional widgets that we wish to add) in a centralized location(s)/page(s). I can also share with my children, pages with "read-only" permissions, so I don't have to worry about bookmarks inadvertently (or otherwise) being deleted by my kids! An additional benefit is the ability to maintain our own separate bookmark pages.

    I'm eternally grateful for this product, because in my opinion, it is superior to Xmarks. Especially because there are NO MORE syncing issues or duplicate bookmarks and folders etc (which would occur every time a bookmark was added to ANY folder). Another issue we had was that each time a bookmark was added, ALL folders would become available to ALL profiles, and that was such a nightmare! But even after perusing the Xmarks documentation and contacting support on several occasions as a subscriber, we were never able to overcome the problem which endured for a few years. The only complaint I have is that I wish I'd discovered start.me a lot sooner than I did!

    Thanks again, to the start.me team for providing the PERFECT solution to our problem. :-)

  • A customizable start page add on, thats ok. but hinders the usability and practicality of firefox. in each new tab the startme web page adress occupies the address bar and requires actions to get rid of it before making a search or typing a web address. it takes away the benefit by the annoyance it created. When we open a new tab adress bar should be empty, the cursor should be in the adress bar and we should be ready to go typing. When we open a new tab with start me here what happens: the new tab opens with the content (thats good). 1- We have to grab the mouse 2- put the cursor to the adress bar 3- double click or highlight the startme page 4-delete it 5- type the web page address. can you think how many times we open a new tab and make search or type web pages in a day? Writing this review might waste less time than you waste becaouse of this add on if you use it for week.

    imho, this "user customizable content providing start page or new tab" thing should be provided by as a built in but optional feature by firefox like it is so in Chrome and opera.

  • Fast and works perfectly

  • COOL!
    REALLY COOL!!!!!!!

  • Have found this addon to be easy to install and set up. It provides a very comprehensive range of options for a customised start page and I highly recommend it.

  • There are two things that break the general good experience: it's a bit slow to load and it's adware-ish (e. g. tradedoubler). Of course you will not notice that, unless you block those "services" (I prefer the term "cancer"). That would not trouble me if there was no paid option (everybody needs money) but such, err, diversification is not what I grow fond of.

  • So far, this is the best speed dial type addon I've used.

    What I like:
    - It looks the same on different devices, and even on Chrome. It's not so affected by screen size and resolution as others, if you're careful. I get used to where the icons are on the screen, so I appreciate this.
    - It's pretty easy to customize, add new icons, etc
    - It saves your configuration online, so it's easy to duplicate to another system

    What I don't like:
    - It's somewhat limited for customizing visually. Would be nice to have more control in the grouping sizes, mainly having a group extend twice the size of the existing size. This would be more space efficient. Also, perhaps more control over spacing between icons.
    - The icon for "add widget" that keep popping up when moving the mouse cursor on and off the blank space is annoying and distracting. Would be nice if there was an option to disable it, and use right-click to add new widget.
    - Although not a problem so far, it might be nice if it didn't rely on the website for everything. If the site is slow, it will make the page come up slowly; if the site ever disappears, then all the icons will be lost. It would be nice to be able to have a local configuration that is backed up on the web. This could probably also keep the address bar blank, so it's easier to hand type a URL.

  • Très agréable et fonctionnel et configurable à souhaits !!

  • Recopila nuestros hábitos de navegación y envía nuestros marcadores y suscripciones a servicios del tipo RSS y similares a los servidores de Startme. Al requerir que nos abramos una cuenta en su sitio web esos datos están inequívocamente asociados a dicha cuenta e individualizados. Es decir, este servicio es otro "spyware", "disfrazado" de bondadoso servicio en la nube, que se dedica a crear perfiles de usuarios individualizados.
    Por lo demás, el complemento es muy útil, y si no fuera por los oscuros intereses que se esconden detrás, sería muy recomendable; pero no lo instalen si valoran el algo su privacidad. Si ya tienen Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc, probablemente no les importe que les espíe otra empresa más. Para sincronizar marcadores, RSS, etc, ya disponemos de Nextcloud, Firefox Sync y servicios parecidos que son respetuosos con los datos de sus usuarios.

    Resumiendo: Útil y práctica, pero NO recomendada para amantes de la privacidad.

  • После обновления браузера пришлось срочно искать дополнение для смены начальной страницы, попалось это дополнение, поставил.
    Да настройки широкие и позволяют многое настроить под свои интересы, но
    с каждым днем скорость открытия стартовой страницы удручает и раздражает
    на днях выдало вообще зарегистрируйтесь и только после этого можете пользоваться, извините, но вы дополнение или кто вообще, от такой неслыханной наглости получайте 1 звезду, и то за прежние заслуги

  • Great addon!

  • Website pretty good, newer news not posted fast enough though. Staff very helpful, fixing any errors and doing it in a timely manner. While other sites might be slicker looking, etc. , in a time when those sites follow your every move, it is good to have a site that does not. I would recommend.

  • It makes a great homepage

  • ES ist nicht möglich sich hier normal einzulogen immer kommt eine Fehlermeldung....