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  • One thing not so good for Australis is that it cancelled that great bookmark design and thank this add-on for bringing it back!

    But one thing more to say:
    Would you mind to make the star hollow when this page is not bookmarked as it is in FF 28? I think that looks much better.

    But anyway, thank you for bringing it back!

    Developer response

    Try new version v1.0.7.

  • Aus irgendwelchen Gründen funktioniert das Addon bei mir nicht mit FF29.
    Nach dem Update auf Version 1.0.6 funktioniert es. Vielen Dank

    Developer response

    Installiere die aktuellste Version 1.0.6, evtl. hilft das.

  • Thank you for giving us back the star button. The "bookmark this page" and "show bookmarks" being put together is just idiotic. I don't need the "show bookmarks" on my toolbar but it is there to confuse me whenever I want to click "bookmark this". And because I have tons of bookmarks, viewing bookmarks would cause lagging and it is driving me insane whenever I accidentally hit that button.

  • This Add-On works perfect and Does what it says!
    Thank you for making this add-on :)
    Not very pleased with some of the changes in FF29, thankfully there are add-ons for that :)
    No compatibility issues with the other 25 add-ons I am using

    This add-on does the same and gives additional options https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/classicthemerestorer/

  • This plugin and others from Aris, good job. I hate Australis a new bookmark buttons. Thanks from Czech Rep.

  • Why oh why did they removed the bookmark button! It's completely wierd to have a button that does 2 things. The bookmark inside the awesomebar was much better.

    Many thanks for the plugin!

  • Fantastic addon. I have no clue what the hell were Firefox devs thinking when they moved the star button out of the URL bar in Firefox 29. I totally loved it there and i still want it there. And thanks to this addon, i now can!

  • *Sighing in relief* For Bookmarks sake! -.-
    The name says it all: "Star-Button in Urlbar". And thats exactly what it does! Thanks! I cant believe they just removed it 0_o Waste of space.

  • the star is back, great^^