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EDIT 29 June 2016

A super & quick response from the dev and a beta fix for the change in behaviour between v1.3 and v1.4 of SBIU (so much easier to type lol) bumps score back to 5 stars.

Thanks Aris.


hi all

I've just this lovely little add-on ever since FF went to that weird double bookmark button design.

I've also used this add-on completely successfully with another long-term bookmark add-on called "Add Bookmark Here ²".

I've used this other add-on for so long it was a struggle to remember why but some research and investigation led me to conclude it had been because it allowed me to properly edit bookmarks AND control where they got saved, at a time when Firefox didn't let me do that (before the bookmark was saved).

Anyway, unfortunately, since star-button in urlbar went to v1.4, I've been experiencing (in my ignorance), what appeared to be my bookmark editing window seemingly randomly disappearing, while I was editing/typing the bookmark name. I thought I was randomly pressing some keyboard shortcut or something to cause this behaviour.

However, reverting to star button in urlbar v1.3 showed that it was the version change to 1.4 which appeared to be triggering the issue. Further testing appears to indicate that this auto-saving, auto-hiding or auto-closing behaviour of the bookmark editing window is default behaviour in FF47 (I tried disabling both the discussed add-ons to test the bookmarking process in FF).

Confusingly the changelog for star-button in urlbar 1.4 says:

"- marked as multi-process compatible
- Fx47+: hide bookmarks popup, if bookmark is not bookmarked yet (pre-47 way)
- Fx47+: switch position of "Done" and "Remove Bookmark" buttons"

This would imply that the hiding of the bookmarks pop-up happened before FF 47 but I'd not witnessed this before (perhaps due to Add Bookmark Here ²).

Anyway, the main thing is that reverting to v1.3 of star-button in urlbar returns the bookmarking behaviour I am familiar with.

My question is whether this closing or hiding of the bookmark editing pop-up can be prevented by this add-on in any way (in a future version)?

I suspect that perhaps the author is trying to avoid complicating the situation with add-on options (which is understandable) but perhaps this could be a way forward?

Finally, my apologies if I have misrepresented or concluded anything incorrectly here.



PS I am very happy to discuss this with the developer and do any testing required.

PPS I've just noticed as well that if one duplicates a tab, the star-button doesn't appear in the URLbar of the additional tab (it's still present though in the original tab). The explanation is to do with another extension I use (tab mix plus). This extension allows me to configure the behaviour of the new tab button (amongst loads of other things to do with tabs). I've got it so that a duplicate tab with all the page history of the old tab gets created, when a new tab event occurs. I disabled tab mix plus and found that I can't duplicate a tab unless I use CTRL+left mouse click on the reload page icon (or middlebutton) or drag the tab to a new position and press CTRL at the same time. These actions result in a duplicate tab with page history and star-button in URLbar appears perfectly. I mention this only in case any other user sees this behaviour occurring and is puzzled.

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you can contact me through official support channels on add-ons main page.

1. Firefox 47 changed the default bookmarking behavior where 'bookmarking popup' is visible even, if the page was not bookmarked before (pre-Fx47 behavior). I was not aware of the conflict with "Add Bookmark Here ²" (which always requires that popup).

A new beta is online. It excludes 'popup hiding' code, if "Add Bookmark Here ²" is active.

2. Seems like Tab Mix Plus duplicates tabs differently when compared to default Fx features. Most likely TMPs duplicated tab fails to add/create a valid pageproxystate attribute for urlbar node on the tab with the missing bookmarks star. You can try to make the star button visible all the time by using this css code in Stylish (but this is not and was never default Firefox behavior).

* #urlbar[pageproxystate="invalid"] > #urlbar-icons #bookmarks-menu-button {
visibility: visible !important;