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  • My Firefox had gotten to where it would freeze and pause frequently for up to 1 minute at the time when loading web pages. After days of looking, found info that suggested it could be the places.sqlite file. Downloaded an sqlite browser and reindexed, and my places.sqlite file decreased from 35Mb to 31Mb, which seemed to help a little for a few days, then it started getting bad again. Then I found this extension and installed it, and selected "reindex now." (Reindex and Vacuum selected). My places.sqlite file dropped from 31Mb to 800Kb. Everything is still there that should be and now my Firefox flies with no more freezes! Thanks for a great extension!

  • Very Good, but some downers:
    - where do I get (english) support
    - a log option would be nice (to sort out problems)
    - there seems to be a conflict with the stylish add-on: occasional the stylish.sqlite is rendered unreadable (it can be repaired tho) by SQLite Optimizer. It is not yet clear if this is a problem of SQLite Optimizer or Stylish. So a support forum to sort this out would be good...

  • It WIPED my Stylish database, backup your profile before use, THIS ADDON IS NOT SAFE!

  • the very best add-on mentioned by mozilla add-ons collections which makes firefox browsing superior to any other browsers ... by means of "smoother" and "quicker"
    there are several comments in favor of this add -on ... i will care more about who claimed this add-on is not "so good" as it seems after using it awhile
    1. by Thomas Bertels on January 28, 2010 # says that is useless to have REINDEX ... is enough to have VACUUM and perhaps Thomas knows that there are tools based just on Vaucum, but let's read again what is the developer of this add-on saying in his last 2 paragraphs:

    "Developer Comments

    What is REINDEX?
    Restructuring of index. There is data without the index, and arrange them and do up to date because the indexthat has not been used oppositely any longer comes out when you repeat the addition and the deletion of data.

    What is VACUUM?
    Bury the space made after useless data is deleted from the data base and make it to compact."

    ... from here we understand (when we are open minded) that Reindexing if is done separated from Vacuum will be same burden by the unused data coming from our previous browsing activity, REINDEX even if done automatically by Firefox 3.6 will just repeat the same history without interruption, no vacuumizer extension if separated from reindexing will not bring anything new ... and as we were told vacuumizers sometimes do not even work as were programmed ... this why the developer integrated both the reindex and the vacuumizer in one extension and what vacuumizer is doing is not going to be ignored by Reindexing ... as in the solution suggested by Thomas Bertels
    2. someone suggests that this SQLite optimizer will come into conflict with the Firefox updates ... and we remember that if we turn of the "automatic updating services" our browsing gains more control and performance ... so if it would come into conflict, (but actually it doesn't) then everything is just going to make the Firefox broswer better
    3. and for sure this extension will not affect Xmarks ... as long as is still something firefox must remember according to one of its extensions or according to one of its services firefox accesses from the web then that thing will be remembered and not "vacuumized"

    now in the end i remeber what he said:
    "Andrew_C on January 19, 2010 #

    Just what the doctor ordered! My FF install was getting sluggish and occasionally pausing, this appears to cleared up the worst of that."

  • as the title states, this conflicts with the way addons are updated in firefox, causing them to fail.

  • Great extension! Neat! A must have. (FF 3.6.13)

  • Anyone have any ideas on if this would affect Xmarks entries?

  • How should I know the details? IDK this language (can you imagine?)

  • How should I know the details? IDK this language (can you imagine?)

  • REINDEX is useless. SQlite automatically reindexes entries, so unless you change the structure, you shouldn't execute that command.
    VACUUM is done automatically by Firefox from version 3.6. But if you really want to do it more often, you can use an extension offering only the VACUUM command.

  • Just what the doctor ordered! My FF install was getting sluggish and occasionally pausing, this appears to cleared up the worst of that.

  • Perfect!

    Version 0.7 works well on fx3.5.3 not only REINDEX also VACUUM.

  • great tool.

    will it work in ffox 3.5 also ?

  • Firefox3.0において、formhistory.sqliteは常にトランザクションがある状態となる仕様であるために、VACUUMは必ず失敗に終わると思われます。


    現状のコードでは例外が投げられると、そこで処理が止まってしまうのでtry {} catch {} などを用いた方が良いと思います。