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  • my next favorite theme after yogurttree stopped working.. though this is has stopped working as well..
  • Please UPDATE, this is almost working on Firefox 25 but there are some errors and sadly making a Firefox theme for me is to dificult to comprehend :/ there isn't any default theme templates on internet to start with so could you please update this theme? (If I could I would have done this by myself but I can't :/ )
  • thank you for this theme,I love it very much.
    Now,FF15 can not uses it ,Can you update it ?
    thank you very much.
  • I love the beautiful clarity and happiness of this theme, but FF 15 won't accept it. PLEASE update the theme, as no other theme comes close to this one!
  • Very good theme, but it lacks two different icons for read/unread feeds
  • Thank you I like this one :-) easy on the eyes :-) awesome
  • Favorite theme ever! Thanks so much for updating to FF12!
  • Been years this theme for years, but it doesn't work for FF 12! :( I hope the author updates it soon! I noticed the author fixed the other theme (yogurttree), but not this one yet!
  • It looks great and is very functional. Does not seem to work on Mac OSX Lion and FireFox 11. :(
  • Another, great theme imo, thank you. Although, I prefer yogurttree, because of the larger buttons, thanks again really. I'm on ff 6 using the v2.0 of springshine.
  • I love this theme too, (more than yogurttree;-)) and I hope too, there will be an update to Firefox 5.0.
    At the moment I have to wait for this update, because I like this theme so much...
    Updated :)
  • I love this theme. So cute and simple. But not match 4.0. Would you plan to update it?
    Updated :)
  • Love the icons but wish you would color the background for Mac. I love Mac but hate that boring color, need themes to brighten it up.
  • merci
  • good
  • Best theme I've tried in a long time
  • Nice Theme....thx you...
  • Hi Charles - this theme is awesome, thanks so much. (: I really love the cute buttons.

    I have one request that would make this theme just perfect if you wouldn't mind to swing it (or show me how, maybe?) - would you consider making a version with a really pale color background (any hue) so the titles of my RSS tabs would show up better? I'm on Mac OSX, so adding the transparent window plugin isn't an option.

    Anyway... as is, job very well done! Thank you! (:
  • Классная тема, однако есть проблема - иконки в "информации о странице" занимают лишнее место:
  • Another beautiful theme Charles, thank you! It will be nice now spring is here :o) love it along with the 'simpler glass, purple etc' themes you do
  • Hi, I like all your icons, they all look nice.. I will definitely keep this one around. My new Favorite.
  • A cute replacement for the 'Qute' icons which unfortunately don't work with Firefox 3.6.
  • this is great, but too bad its just like the yogurt tree theme
  • Holy smokes! This theme is awesome on a Mac. Great job. This is one of the few themes that actually supports the Mac. I especially love the design of the awesome bar. It's very similar to the address bar in Safari 3. I hate that Apple took that away in Safari 4. This is definitely my new default theme.

    Just one small problem though, the folder icons that you designed for the bookmarks menu belong on Windows. In a future release can you make folder icons for the Mac?
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