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  • If you could turn this into an android app I would buy it.
  • Works without any issues and it's rare to see videos without the sponsored part blocked, even soon after the upload. Doesn't get in your way, and it's very easy to report a sponsor.

    I absolutely love it <3
  • I'm so glad that someone on YT told me about this addon. It makes watching YouTube so much less annoying. Great work!
  • Perfect ! Need more users to contribute.
  • This is a must have for a youtube watcher. Saves so much time and frustration!
  • This extension is pretty genius. Works extremely well!
  • Works perfectly.
  • Even though there's only about 1500 people using this over Firefox and Chrome, most of the videos I watch have had their sponsor spots marked. Awesome extension!
  • dude this addon is fantastic. thank you!
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do!
  • Excellent add-on, I hope more people use it.
  • Fantastic addon. The community sharing aspect is great and the ability to whitelist channels is also useful. The interface works well too.

    Edit: it keeps getting better. I would like an option for connecting an account (maybe oauth or google?) to share my username across browsers and track my stats.
    Thanks, I'm glad you like the channel whitelisting!
  • Works perfectly, great ui, everything works exactly how it should. Really hope this takes off and gains more users.
  • Love the new update.
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