Almost perfect! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This addon works much better for me than previous addons i have used. With Splitbrowser or Tiletab, the tab that you tile is still listed among your tabs, and you always had to be careful to click into the proper tab before navigating with the on screen or mouse buttons (because it might open page in the wrong tile otherwise. I like to make use of my widescreen aspect ratio by having chatzilla tiled to the right and taking up about 1/3 of the horizontal screen resolution, leaving me a roughly 5:4 rile on the left for webbrowsing. I never have to worry about the navigating im doing in the left pane accidentally closing out chatzilla in the other tile if i forget to click back into the proper tile after typing in iRC.

the one problem i have tho is the way that pages are tiled. you have to open the page in a tab and then right click in the tab content somewhere and hit Tile>Right (or whatever direction). I think it would be much better if you made it so that you can right-click on links or bookmarks and have that same context menu option to open the link in a tile. The reason this is so annoying is that i have chatzilla set to autoperform my irc logins when i open it, and when i open it in a tab in order to tile it (which opens another instance of chatzilla which also tries to login) its not able to log in on the tile because it was already doing it in the first one. hope thats not confusing lol

also it would be nice to have the ability to zoom on the tiled tab. i just increased the fontsize in chatzilla to remedy this problem, but i could imagine other ppl finding it a bigger issue for what theyre trying to do.

but im not going to knock a star off for this one, since its so perfect for my needs one i get things situated.