9 reviews for this add-on
  • A great addon for Spiritling. Makes content sharing so much easier than before. One click, and you're done.

  • Extremely convenient addon, works great with stumble upon as instead of building up hundreds of bookmarks I can press one button and have a graphical representation waiting for me when I log into the spiritling site. Community seems pretty cool too.

  • A must have for the www.spiritling.com web-site quick and easy to learn and use.

  • A wonderful application and a great add-on to have. Makes sharing content with friends and other users across the globe soooooo easy.
    Thanks for the great app!

  • This is very nicely done and it's incredibly convenient. It allows simple capture of content and storage on an easy to use website. So as I browse the web with firefox, I can keep track of all the cool stuff I find in a really convenient way and then share it with a great social community.

  • Great add-on! Very useful tool for saving and sharing content very easily from around the web. 5/5

  • Easy & Secure installation. Makes your social file sharing on the net possible. Check out www.spiritling.com if youre not already an member.

  • It's a must-have!!!

  • Great application, works well and does the job. Nothing fancy but incredibly convenient to be able to add anything to my unlimited account.