More on Spiderzilla for FF 3.0+ Rated 4 out of 5 stars

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To add to gastronomy's post on getting spiderzilla to work with Firefox 3+:
1) Download add-on and rename from .xpi to .zip
2) Unzip to a folder (I called my folder spiderzilla)
3) Find file install.rdf
4) Change extension .rdf to .txt Open Install.txt
5) Find both em:maxVersion= , set equal to 3.0.3.* (one is near the beginning of the code and one near the end)

3.0.3.* will make the add on work for version Firefox 3.0.3 and below. I suppose that you can set it to 4.* to make it work for Firefiox 4 when it comes out.

6) Save file and close
7) Rename Install.txt to Install.rdf
8) Rezip everything in the folder back to a .zip file
9) Change extension from .zip to .xpi
10) Double click/ open on file, if asked, open file with Firefox. Now would be a good time to select (check) to open this type of file with this application in the future. I save all my Firefox add-ons to my hard drive when I first install them so I don't have to search for them again on the net.

EDIT: John P - when you go to download the plug in, right click on the install now button and click "save file as" instead of having the xpi file trying to install before you modify it. If you've done that and it gives you a blank screen, I don't know what to tell you besides just get the httrack from the link posted above.