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  • I initially thought that this add-on would not make much of a difference to my browsing. I was wrong. This add-on makes browsing CRAZY fast! Try it, loading will be a thing of the past.
  • Okay I checked 3 sites with it on, and 3 sites with it off.
    On 2 of the sites, yahoo, and google, the speed was very close but a tiny but quicker without the add on.
    With my own site, it loaded way faster without the add on.

    Before you write a review, do some testing for yourself! I'm not sure why some people say it works.
  • Hasem
  • I love it
  • Doesn't work at all ... both thumbs down! Slowed Firefox down to a crawl with errors, "Problem loading page & Server not found" appearing ONLY on Firefox and ONLY after stalling this. Disabled to get Firefox back to normal. Not worth the download, a waste of time.
  • Very good. Additionally, I would like a blacklist for domains to be excluded from the DNS prefetching.
  • Some of you people seem to be deluded. This extension doesn't do anything at all. I used Nirsoft DNSQuerySniffer to verify that host names were not being resolved until links were actually clicked. Yes, I enabled this extension in the Tools menu first.
  • This addon is great! Speeds up web browsing a lot... I approve!
  • Good
  • Everyone needs to stop complaining, you can change your DNS entries for different services like Google/OpenDNS - this one seems to use Level3, I see no issues with performance to be fair.

    Simply open up the status of your connection, select IPv4, change the IP's.

    Simple, or disable it and so it uses your personal ISP DNS.
  • Yeah works great,Notice Quicker response on ALL sites i have
    searched for...
    Good Job!
  • As another reviewer noted it does not work for all sites. I attempted to login to my bank account several times over the weekend but after entering the password I would receive a message to try again. After calling customer service and learning that their website was working, I turned off the Speed DNS plug-in and was able to login just fine. I also ran speed tests with the plug-in enabled and disabled and actually got better results with it disabled (19+ Mbs vs 17 Mbs). From the reviews, it appears to work for some but my experience was not good.
  • One of my https banking sites does not work with Speed DNS. That is that the session will be terminated one the first access after a successful login. After disabling Speed DNS all worked perfect.
  • muy bueno
  • I am not clear how, but it makes the browsing faster than with Chrome
  • It really works!!!

    И вправду работает
  • please keep updating this ex. it's been very long time since you published it without updating.
  • The difference in speed has been enormous - especially as I live in a pretty slow-speed area. Thanks, terrific extension.
  • really this add-ons increase browsing speed of my firefox . THANKS !!!!
  • It made my browsing really fast. Keep it Updated folks. This ones is really awesome!!!
  • thanks a lot good add on
  • Works Great! Thank you so much! It makes the pages load much faster for sure!
  • Awesome add-on! Pages load visibly faster and Youtube videos are also buffering 5x faster than before. Thank you very much~
  • not work when using remote proxy, but DNS Prefetch 1.1.0 do
  • What's the difference between this and PageSpeed ? http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/
    page speed is for chrome, this is for Firefox.
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