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Hello, I am using version 52.0.2 (64-bitni), but I`m using addons that will not works after version 56 so I will stay on version 52 maybe 56 problem is that Tab Groups (Multi Row) doesnt work and I´m really need it. I like your Speed Dial why is simple and only what I need Speed Dial.

I never like Speed Dials with other features like sidebar etc. is useless anyway in speed dial. Not only that your Speed Dial is even better I can add space in names of tabs, and tabs on entire row is more then perfect. Could you please update one more time for version 52 and 56 this will be very good.

Just wrote/send us paypal and I am sure some people will support you and me to. So really please think about this, because this is more then perfect Speed Dial.

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