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Privacy Policy


February 2008

This Mozilla Spectator Extension Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains how Mozilla Corporation (“Mozilla” or “we”) collects and uses information about users who have downloaded the Mozilla Spectator Extension™ (“Spectator”). This Privacy Policy only applies to Spectator; it does not apply to any Mozilla websites or any of Mozilla’s other products or services. Changes to this Privacy Policy are discussed at the end of this document. Each time you use Spectator the current version of this Privacy Policy will apply.

Gathering, Use and Disclosure of Information


What Data is Collected?

Spectator will be used by Mozilla to understand your use of your browser by collecting information each time you open your browser. While installed and enabled, Spectator collects all profile information related to your computing environment including, but not limited to, installed plug-ins and extensions, bookmark locations, and information regarding CPU, display, operating system and system memory, as well as information relating to the installation of Firefox and Spectator. In addition, Spectator logs all user interface (“UI”) events, which include, but are not limited to, certain mouse clicks, menu selections, and how/when documents are loaded. However, neither the websites you’ve visited nor your browsing history are collected by Spectator. Spectator only captures chrome document loads. Any string that comes from the user (e.g., a UI event or extension name) is one-way hashed (obscured so it cannot be read) client side. In addition, no personally-identifying information, such as a name or email address that, without more, can be directly associated with a specific person or entity (e.g., a name or telephone number), is collected. All such information collected by Spectator shall be referred to as “Data” in the remainder of this Privacy Policy. If you are interested, the technical specifications on the Data collectors are located at http://wiki.mozilla.org/Browser_Metrics:Data_Collectors.

How is the Data Used?

Mozilla hopes to use the Data gathered by Spectator to keep improving Mozilla® Firefox®. Mozilla analyzes the Data Spectator gathers from users to better understand how users interact with the internet. By identifying patterns and trends in usage, Mozilla is able to better design Firefox to improve users’ experiences, both in terms of content and ease of use.
Where is the Data Available? Mozilla is an open organization that believes in sharing as much information as possible about its products, its operations, and its associations. As such, Spectator users should expect that Mozilla will make all Data collected by Spectator publicly available at some point. Additionally, you are able to see the XML file Spectator has collected since you last uploaded the Data to Mozilla by visiting about:metrics. No personally-identifying information will be available in any of the reports.

How to Disable Spectator

If at any time, you decide you no longer want to have Spectator, you may un-install Spectator. For details, see http://wiki.mozilla.org/spectator.

Privacy Policy Changes

Mozilla may change the Privacy Policy from time to time. Any and all changes will be reflected on this page. You should periodically check this page for any changes to the current policy. Substantive changes will also be announced through the standard mechanisms through which Mozilla communicates with the Mozilla community. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the terms of this Privacy Policy.

For More Information

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Mozilla at: privacy@mozilla.com.

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