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I like the SPDY indicator so far.
I did notice SPDY indicator seems to show some websites appear to use SPDY when they don't.

If you install noscript with "allow scripts globally" and visit any website with 3rd party links to websites like google and google analytics.
ie news.cnet.com
So I see the spdy indicator, with noscript I can now forbid google and google analytics and the SPDY indicator is gone.
But if I forbid any other website except analytics then SPDY is indicated...

Hovering the mouse over the SPDY icon gives the same message.
The website below has only 2 domains to forbid/allow.
One is 1st party, and the other is a 3rd party website.

So, I'd suggest that the SPDY indicator should be colour coded
Green = Everything on page uses SPDY
Yellow = only 1st party site stuff uses SPDY
Dark-Yellow = 1st party and some 3rd party use SPDY
Gray = only 3rd party sites uses SPDY

Just a thought.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.1-signed.1-signed).