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  • не работает в частности с FF 52.9 ESR при(!) включенном многопроцессном режиме
  • Please update the extension for the new FF. Without him it became difficult to live.
  • It works!!
    Thanks (i repair firefox and it's ok)
  • I have reimplemented similar functionality as a Firefox 57-supporting WebExtension called „Find next page“ https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/find-next-page/
  • don't know how i could survive before this
  • Great addon. In fact so great that it's the only reason I still have multiprocess disabled.
    Unfortunately the author will not port this to electrolysis so I'm looking for alternatives.
    I have found several chrome addons that do the same thing. Unfortunately none of them currently work on Firefox. I hope that as the implementation of web extensions progresses they will.
    4 starts because it will be useless in a few months.
  • One of my favourite addons, but please make it work with Electrolysis...
  • Maybe if i try more sites it'll work, but i can definitely say that Opera's version works on the few pages that this extension failed at.
  • very helpful
  • Need space-only key for normal traversal, but also need a **second** key, such as Command-space, for sites like Amazon who have a lot of crap under the "Next" link, so we can go to next page without having to scroll down further.
  • Absolutely must have!
  • Great addon, thanks a lot!
  • Absolutely great, but please, make it work with multiprocess Firefox.
  • Does what it says
  • I'm a huge fan of the VimFX add-on. One of VimFX's disadvantages was that it doesn't handle moving to the next page of Google results very well (you always need to look for the randomly created keyboard shortcut, usually consisting of two letters, to go to the next page). This is where Space Next helps you out: At the bottom of any Google results page, just hit the space bar and on you go. A little more configurability (is that a word?) would be nice to have (such as assigning another keyboard shortcut instead of space). Still five stars from me.
  • Useful addon. but can you add a feature like go through backwards?
  • 5-starts even if i'm struggling with one option.

    'Append Pages' option - value 0 is different from other values,
    But values 1, 2, 3, 4 etc ALL Work same.

    I could not see any difference by making it 1 or 5.

    My understanding is that if i give 'Append' value as 3 - then it should load 'NEXT 3' pages on pressing 'Space'. But in every case even if i give 1 or 5 - it loads only ONE next page.

    I could not find any sufficient explanation for this.

    Please explain what this option actually does ?
    Sorry, no. It's the "number of pages from bottom before appending the next page". Normally, the extension works when you reach the bottommost of the page. This option allows you to fire it x pages before reaching the end of the page.

    ps there's a tooltip associated to each field in the Options window
  • It's made my browsing experience much more enjoyable.
  • It does was it said to do!
    Only thing is the weird name.
    Why? refer to something else?
    Is it the next big thing before going into space?
  • Works on FF 30.0. One thing that is annoying is there is no way to go back. This needs to be added to get 5 stars.
  • A must have extension from those nefarious Next arrows! Had for five years already!
  • I REALLY hate doing this but I am seeing broken behavior after a recent update and have been trying to notify the author. Emails sent to the email address given bounces. Complaints or requests for help/info go unanswered by Mozilla.

    Space Next has been working wonderfully for quite a while but due to the above inabilities contacting the author, I would have to warn people off from using it.
    Thanks for this kind review.

    FYI, the last update dates from almost a year ago, I don't see where the "broken behavior after a recent update" comes from.

    I use the addon everyday without any problem as do a few thousands other users. I have recently updated to FF 29 and it works correctly.

    As for my email address, I have tested it and it also works correctly. I receive emails on it from AMO users for requests, donations, etc...
  • a la opera?
    man I love all the goodies from other browsers getting imported to Mozilla
  • How about Shift+Space at the beginning of the page to load the previous page?
    Shouldn't be too hard to implement ;)

    Other than that, it works greatly! 5*