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  • looks good

  • Simple and look smooth ;)

  • just simple and not too bright, very clean. great job

  • пробую пока.

  • Love the color!

  • Cool easy on the eyes. Thank You

  • It is plain and simple and the used color relaxes eye strain. The only theme lasted long for me, my de facto standard anymore!

  • looks more soft green/ocean to me. I like it a LOT! Thank you.

  • Muito legal poder usar algo do gosto próprio...

  • By improving readability, Soft Aqua makes it faster to find the tab you're looking for quickly. Black text shows up clearly, as do most page icons. And the thin black bar at the top of the tab tells you in an instant what tab is currently selected. Simple and very effective! So much better than the default theme.

  • Easy to access

  • Colore uniforme!

  • great color love it

  • Sehr schön!

  • Very nice and soothing.
    Thank you for not making the fonts shadowed!

  • Very calming, love it!

  • Really soft on the eyes... Reduces eye fatigue and eye strain

    Developer response

    So glad you like it. Thanks. :)

  • Nice. I love it.

    Developer response

    Thank you! :)

  • I love it, the simpler the better.

    Developer response

    Thank you! :)

  • Love how soft the colour is.

    Developer response

    Thank you!

  • Love this background color! :) Thank you!

    Developer response

    Thank you.

  • Very soft and soothing indeed.

  • Lovely, gentle colour that won't stab me in the eyes all day long.

    Developer response

    Thanks very much

  • Bravo, j'aime cette douce lumière.

    Developer response

    Thank you !

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