Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have to tell you that i am always looking through themes, hoping to find one that I thoroughly enjoy- through-and-through, top-to-bottom- but I've really only come across a handful that i truly like. (Still, I do appreciate, & must applaud, anyone who has put the time & effort required into making a theme).

It is always a pleasant surprise when FF starts back up & i am presented with a theme that is just delightful- such was the case with SoCool Calx. My tastes usually lean towards something minimal, simple, polished, classic...etc, but something which also has an extra kick to it- maybe a little punch of color, or some other small element that gives it more appeal. This theme is one of my favorites- love the brushed metal & colorful icons- but most importantly, it is simple & unobtrusive- no chaotic, overly-designed mess of distraction here- a browser theme is supposed to frame your window in a way that keeps the focus on the content- an ideal theme should always feel comfortable & be nice to look at, while also paying careful attention to small details- it should not distract or take over. This theme is all of that, and so I felt compelled to drop a note for the author & let him/her know that what they did here is working! Nice job on this.