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  • Could the developer update this theme please. I really like it. Thanks.

  • Так же как и Calx - отличная тема, компактная, значки не гигантские, цвета глаза не режут! Сделайте под ФФ 5 и выше! Благодарность обеспечена!

  • It hasn't been updated for ages. Not available for Firefox 5.0. The developer is gone into the abyss by now. Sad because it's a nice Theme

  • Отличная тема, сделана со вкусом.

  • was wondering if you can edit the part on the title bar on firefox to match the theme. im on a mac and it breaks the theme on the title bar and if it can be fully blended in with the theme it would look great. thanks anyways.
    :screenshot: i got a link if you want to see what im talking about http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/7880/screenshot20100420at120.jpg

  • c'est super!

  • Damn, bro, you created the most accurate theme I've ever seen!

    Squared corners and uniformity! This is gonna be my main theme for loooong time!

    Thank you!

    Postscript: If you could create/design and embed icons for the most popular add-ons ( for instance "No Script" & "Ad Block Plus" ) at least, would be great! My dream!

  • This is an absolutely beautiful theme! I have never used Maxthon browser so have never seen this skin before but I am sure glad that you made or ported a version for Firefox :) thank you

  • Wow, this must be one of the most polished Firefox themes to date. Even the progress bar is skinned. It's really great (as is the non-brushed version)!!

    Thanks for that.

  • Parabéns!! Muito bom!!
    Congratulations! Very good!

  • Parabéns!! Muito bom!!
    Congratulations! Very good!

  • I have to tell you that i am always looking through themes, hoping to find one that I thoroughly enjoy- through-and-through, top-to-bottom- but I've really only come across a handful that i truly like. (Still, I do appreciate, & must applaud, anyone who has put the time & effort required into making a theme).

    It is always a pleasant surprise when FF starts back up & i am presented with a theme that is just delightful- such was the case with SoCool Calx. My tastes usually lean towards something minimal, simple, polished, classic...etc, but something which also has an extra kick to it- maybe a little punch of color, or some other small element that gives it more appeal. This theme is one of my favorites- love the brushed metal & colorful icons- but most importantly, it is simple & unobtrusive- no chaotic, overly-designed mess of distraction here- a browser theme is supposed to frame your window in a way that keeps the focus on the content- an ideal theme should always feel comfortable & be nice to look at, while also paying careful attention to small details- it should not distract or take over. This theme is all of that, and so I felt compelled to drop a note for the author & let him/her know that what they did here is working! Nice job on this.

  • I've been searching around for quite a while & while not perfect (I am a perfectionist) this has come the closest. Thanks for your hard work and imagination
    drooge from down under

  • The buttons feel a little more intense and should be replaced.

  • It's a stunningly beautiful theme. Everything just looks as perfect as they should be. Ooh, a big thank you to the developer!

  • So Cool Is So Cool!!

  • 我喜欢这个主题!

  • 不错,界面很简洁,漂亮

  • A really nice theme. I tend to switch between themes fairly often - depending how I feel, often - and I suspect that this is going to become my preferred "light" skin. It's clean, simple and lives up to its name of having a "cool" appearance.

  • I like it so much!

  • Oh, god!!! I love this theme!

    p.s. i wish it was a lil bit more compact)

  • I like this!

  • This one i really like!
    One of my all time favs for Maxthon2.

    One small issue... there's a bit of too much space between top bar (File, Edit, View etc.) and lower second part of the toolbar (arrow back/forth, refresh, home etc.).

    Otherwise, it is just fine!


  • Awesome job, great theme.

  • GOOD,我很喜欢

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