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I really love this theme. But it should be upgraded to Firefox 3.0. Keep on the great work!

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Brilliant theme! I've been using this for so long (probably a few days after it was added) that my computer wigged out and went to default FF theme; I screamed bloody murder, confused as to what was happening. I popped back to addons, resync'ed and i'm a happy camper once again! Thanks to FF for existing, and thanks to you for providing such a quality addon!

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Hey, just wanted to say how much I like what you're doing here. The footy theme is boss and at last something non-us too.
Hmmm, betcha couldnt come up with it all if you weren't stoned, hahaha

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Good job on it.
Is there anyway where I can make the font smaller on everything? I think it's a little bit too big and bold.


Are you familiar with what is known as the userChrome.css file?

It is used to override, tweak, & style the Firefox interface to ones liking/preferences.


Here is a solution for if you do not know about userChrome.css:

UserChrome.css does not exist by default. But an example called "userChrome-example.css" does.
Do a file search for userChrome-example.css on your machine. Right click on it & select "open containing folder."
If you have several "userChrome-example.css" files come up with your search, look @ the location description of them & find the one for Firefox
the location should look like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner.XXXXXXX\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXXX.default\chrome
(if you have more then one profile in Firefox determine which is the one you want to style.)

Once you have found it, right clicked & selected "open containing folder" you will be in the chrome folder.
Download this file:(cut & paste into urlbar)
Open the zip file & place the userChrome.css file found in the zip., into the chrome folder I just explained how to find.

Note: It should remove bold from almost every area . I did not change the font sizes. But I think it should make you happy to some degree.

I am glad you like the theme.