Snip-n-Tag Version History

4 versions

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Version 48.3 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

Fixed issue of URL encoding when choosing (none) from shortening list.

Version 48.3 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 and later

Added and removed some inactive shorteners.

Added support for all give GA campaign variables.

Better error handling.

Toolbar icon for quick loading (right-click Toolbar and select "Customize" if icon isn't immediately present).

Updated code structure and fixed some incompatibilities.

Version 1.6 9.2 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

Version 1.6: Fixed a bug for support, and added user API support for

Version 1.5 9.2 kB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

New features in 1.5:
Added support for
Added options window for user account info for and
Snip-n-Tag now remembers your most recent GA tags
Added option to only shorten (clear GA tags) or only tag (select (none) from drop-down list)
sidebar GUI improvements

Bug fixes in 1.5:
Fixed bug that occasionally added extra whitespace character to the final URL