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  • For the developer: I found a small bug: on some webpages it snaps pages with the black background instead of white for example. On this page as example: http://www.photographybb.com/actions/free_actions/DS_Illustration/sample.htm

    For other customers & fans: you can install old extansions by the Mr Tech Toolkit from here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/mr-tech-toolkit/
  • Works fine with Firefox 3.6.8. I use MR Tech Toolkit to allow me to use it.
  • It is still working with BurnOmatic´s Tip - but you have to proceed it every time Firefox updates!

    Please bring Snapper to 3.6+

  • why not REMEMBER the snapshot area ?!?!??!
  • Any chance of you putting out and update for this any time soon? This is a real gem of an add-on..one of the best at what it does..and it's a real pitty you haven't updated it in so long!

    I sincerely hope everything in OK with you, as I have emailed regarding this and you didn't get back to me.

    Anyway, please get an update out soon for this..many of us out there would really appreciate it no end!
  • it is not able to handle some css
    for instance:
  • how to upgrade for 3.6
    if you don't get the option to ignore version check
    you can download the add-on and rename it from xpi to zip
    unzip it and change this line in install.rdf
    afterwards zip it and rename the zip file back to xpi.
    Finally open it with firefox.exe for installing as usual.
  • pleaaaaase, update it for 3.6 !
  • How bout upgrading to 3.6???
  • anyone that wants to use this and cant becuase of the new version of firefox use this,

    1.download Nightly Tester Tools extention and install it.

    2.go here and install snapper extention from here...i know it says mac but it will work on your windows as well, even on windows 7 which im on now.

    3. once it tries installing it it will pop up the window and it will have an option to force install, choose that and it will install. re start your firefox and there you go working like before :)
  • This has been a great Addon -one thing (always one!) it would be good to be able to change the "Registered Editor". I use Paint.exe from XP on my Win7 and although everything else goes there (it's default) Snapper finds Win7's mspaint.exe. Problem is Win7 stores this even though I've 'deleted' it and over written it.

    And Snapper ALWAYS thinks mspaint.exe is the registered editor -even if it's not (ie I set it to Photoshop).

    Any workaround?

    Thanks :-)
  • Unfortunately, it changes the colors of my images from the normal white webpage background to solid black.
  • good tool ... please implement a short cut function ... then it's perfect ...
  • Outstanding add-on. Super easy. Where has this been all my life?
  • This new version is easily the best capture of screen, even beyond the limit of the frame,with the unique feature to copy or save, or both. Nothing compares to this,even Shooter is nice but cannot copy to the clipboard. What kept me in the past to download this add-on was it´s dependency to Java runtime. Now it´s fixed also. TOP RATE TOOL NOW !!!
  • The application has a bug with transparency. If a background color or image is not set, the snapper turns the transparency into black. It then crops the image as tightly as possible around a page's content block (block area with text, image or other content). Unfortunately, text is normally black on the web, so you end up with a completely blacked out image (black text on black BG) or a picture of images on top of a black BG. To reproduce the issue with transparency, simply:
    1. click the snapper icon in your browser
    2. select 'Help' from the menu
    3. take a snapshot of the help page using auto save.
    4. view saved image.
  • tried full page as an option on first try...
    (this page b4 this comment)
    snapper.jpg [ 992 KB, 1899px × 3166px ]

    already luv this thing...
  • Nice, but the snapping mode should be fast changeable via right-click on the snapper icon. There the modes should be listed as context menu items, using a check mark to indicate which snapper mode is used.
  • Great Add-on! From when I installed I work with it a lot of time, and I found very good the options for the kind of job you want to do with the image.
  • Was looking for something like this which is very simple and copied the grabbed area to the clipboard (an absolute necessity surely) and this meets my requirements.

    I had tried and liked Shooter https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13485 and Abduction! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3408 but Snapper is simply perfection.

    Thanks! :-)
    Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope version 2.1 will be even more helpful than before. :-)
  • It could simply be the best if some bugs are fixed...
    - Snapping WON'T work for pages with FRAMES. This MUST be fixed...
    - There's no mechanism for full page selection other than looong dragging. Either start with full page selection or provide a pointer to click (like center of selection box) for full page expansion...
    - Since Snapper alters web page, page dimensions INCREASE if you're to drag selection box further from edges. It "should" simply be bound to current page size not limitless...
    - Above situation is repeated in "manual dimensioning", mostly unknown; simply enter values on "dimension text", and values like 10000x10000 could not be entered unless they're real page dimensions...
    - A feature; "manual positioning" in addition to 'manual dimensioning' will be greatly appreciated for more functionality...
    - Although JPG is more standard, for text readability and size considerations PNG should be 'default' since in looong pages the difference becomes significant...
    - A toolbar icon will also be greatly appreciated...

    Until above bugs (some critical) are fixed you can try Abduction, Screenshot Pimp or the overrated ScreenGrab. Yet once fixed Snapper can beat them all...

    Responding to the previous 2 posts: What Java are you talking about? I've never installed Java for years and Snapper works just fine... Try Java disabling or such for further examining...
    Thanks for the feedback. I've taken a lot of them to heart, and have included fixes for them in version 2.1 (which is currently being reviewed).

    Snapper 2.1 will allow users to snap an entire webpage, without having to specify any dimensions. Users will be able to have better control over snapping webpages that contain frames (snapping the entire contents of a single frame, or even snapping an area that spans several frames).

    Also, I have designated the PNG image format as the default for snapped images, although this setting can be modified by users in the "Options" window (to choose between PNG or JPG as default).

    I will try to add boundaries in a future release, as well as a toolbar icon. If you have any other suggestions, or feedback, please post them here (or drop me an email at the address shown in the listing).
  • why the java.exe process? and it's taking more 30mb ram!

    although the functionality is great!
  • I´ve found two bugs: Platform Java keeps appearing on the tray even not utilizing Snapper and some FF crashes occurs once in a while.
    More development please.
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