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170 reviews for this add-on
  • Works great, makes browsing galleries much more efficient.

  • Hace lo que dice.
    Seleccionas un texto y en el menú del botón derecho del ratón te ofrece la posibilidad de abrir todos los enlaces incluidos.

  • best app for selecting links

  • Отлично работает.

  • nice

  • This addon keeps regresing for such a long time current iteration is a complete downgrade vs the old 2.4.3, because with 2.4.3 i can right-click then stop(check all the links are corect,copy,bookmark) after my last review they added nothing from the original back into it, now how am i supposed to switch browsers past ff 54 without addons is beyond me.

  • We need a icon for activation and disable plz, how multilinks do in the past.


  • Nice! Glad you added the modifier key. Was a bit of a pain using this add on when having a mouse gesture extension as well that was triggered by the right click.

  • Cpu usage goes to 80% when enabled in latest nightly build

  • Getting closer and close to the old version, but this one handles 99.9% of what I need it to do. Thank you so much for working on this and sharing with the world!!

  • The ability to change the Modifier key is what I was waiting for. Great plugin!

  • partly working with FF 52.7.3 ESR.

    -Middle Click + Drag is working, but Link Middle Click Opening is disabled by this addon. Old 2.4.3 don't have this problem.
    -Ctrl + Middle Click + Drag is not working.

  • Just created an account to confirm what circcc stated below:

    The latest update is not working with FF 52.7.3 ESR! The green rectangle appears, but now tabs are opened!

    I am sure the many users of Firefox ESR are very annoyed that this great add-on apparently has not been tested on the Extended Support Release Browsers. Please fix it!

  • A very good tools! There is a problem in the new version. The tags are not displayed in order. when I close one tag, It will always jump to page 1, please fix it,Thank you!

  • )

  • Does not work on Mac. (There is no right mouse button.) When you highlight links and then hold down the control button, there's nothing that lets you open them in windows. Plus there's no instructions on how to do it. Had to read through reviews to find the super secret hidden 'Welcome' page, which is useless on a Mac.

  • A promising extension. However I was looking for a way to download multiple links, such as what DownThemAll could do.

    Croâ's review, about 4 months before this one, gives a way to just copy the URLs of the selected links: hold down the CTRL key before releasing the right mouse button.

    With the copied URLs I can then download them using a command such as wget or curl.

    For my particular web site of interest, Snap Links Plus allows me to interactively choose what links to download and then with a simple workaround I can download them.

  • I use it to open the links in new tabs. Works perfectly.

  • This does exactly what I needed it to do, and the best thing about it is that when you install it, it loads a page with really simple instructions on how to use, plus a testing ground. Most addons don't have helpful instructions like this. Thanks! :)

  • Does what I need....

  • There is no way to do anything other than open the selected links in new tabs. The author claims it can do many things including bookmark selected links.... not so.

  • Perfect add on. After the big FF update my Multi Links add on didn't work anymore. So Snap links plus was the best alternative.

    Would be great having a delay option before opening each new tab. Sometimes servers can't handle my speed :-).

  • Дрянь все время слетает и перестает копировать

  • HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE what action this ext. will do? I don't want new tabs opened. I want to bookmark a group of selected links. This ext. is useless to me without INSTRUCTIONS!

  • made my life a lot easier