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  • super bon

  • Works great! Have no issues other users are complaining about. Just sad I have to use this, youtube should get their s-word together. This addon helps!

  • ...his fight with the undocumented use of api, unfortunately.
    Buffering is no longer working - Smartvideo was unique in that aspect addon

  • Thanks Clifton_7 for providing the link to version 0.977. The nightmare is over and now I can enjoy YouTube again.

  • sorry 1 Star, useless cause youtube autoplay is not blocked at all.

  • Before using this add-on YouTube would constantly just stop buffering on almost every video. I would give SmartVideo the full 5 stars if it weren't for a few annoyances (e.g. it doesn't initialize when opening a video in a new tab.) I am using 0.977 because version 0.978 would result in the "An error occurred. Please try again later" message on every YouTube video.

    You can get previous versions of SmartVideo here:

  • O programa é bom e precisa reiniciar o navegar sim.

  • I love this addon, at least I did until it stopped working. I miss it very much! Is there any chance that it will be fixed and if so, is there an ETA?

  • Excellent extension! A must-have! (I'd like to donate, but cannot, since paypal does not register customers from the totalitarian state of Belarus, I live in)

  • The add-on works just the way it says it does, but it only works with the first, i.e. left most, youtube.com tab or embedded tab open in the browser. Any tabs after that don't have the add-on functionality evidenced by the options not showing up when the mouse is hovered on a video. Fix this little glitch and add a Forced HTML5 option and you'll be gold!

    P.S.: Test to make sure it's compatible with the YouTube Smart Pause add-on, sometimes acts wonky when moving back to tab!

  • Best YouTube add-on at the moment. Love the options for videos on YouTube proper and YT videos on other websites. What would make this add-on even better (though technically outside the scope of the add-ons purpose) would be the addition of an option to auto-hide/show video comments on YouTube. Otherwise, thumbs-up!

  • Everything works great except it won't play in 1080p. In fact 1080p doesn't even show up in the list of available resolutions. When I disable the addon, 1080p is there but, goes away again when I enable the addon.

  • Its awesome for normal video, but in 3D videos its just doesn't show the 3D options.. Can you fix it?
    I really need to full buffer full 3D videos, because it is always needed to be 1080p or 720p, and normal buffer is sucks!

  • Damn! This is so cool but when i watch a video till the end, the addon remembers the URL and won't play it back!
    Looks like it never flush the cache or someting...I even uninstall, but even then, it looks like it has kept all my settings in memory somewhere. So when you install back... it is still not a fresh install.Hope you fix this cause it rocks solid!

    But for now... there is a video that i cannot whatch anymore unless i disable or unnistall the addon.

    And if i remember well; my bug happened when i had a video playing on tab 1 and i was playing in the setting on tab 2! (to give you a hint)


  • Nice add-on, I really like it. Working fine with Firefox 24 :)

  • A great addon to the latest changes on Yotube, complicating switching quality.

  • The option "Ensure that videos are buffered even if they are paused" doesn't work on all videos. No idea why. Otherwise just an awesome addon. I love the fact that you have different settings for youtube and embedded videos. This addon is something I've been looking for forever. Thank you!

  • For some reason, this addon hangs Yahoo Mail and new Google Maps.

    On Yahoo Mail, when I try to send, delete trash or junk mail, or anything that has pop-up prompt, my Firefox 23.0.1 hangs.

    On new Google Maps, it just gives out blank maps or doesn't do anything when I try to click on buttons or try to zoom in or out.

    Took forever to narrow down which addon gave me an error but as soon as I disable this, restart Firefox, then ctrl-F5 to refresh, everything works.

  • Boy, when you said 'Hide Icon Forever', you weren't kidding. Any way to get it back?

  • Doesn't always seem to load on every YT page, but it is still the only thing that makes that mess of a website into something a bit more usable.

  • Every single time I open a video in a new tab via any means, middle click, right click > open in new tab, or click a link that automatically opens in a new tab, SmartVideo does not load and the video starts in whatever quality YouTube defaults to. The only way to get SmartVideo to load is to furiously click on the Reload Current Page button and wait for the entire page, video, and SmartVideo to load together.

  • doesn't start buffering on youtube page automatically anymore, otherwise great addon
    i'm on windows 8 and ff 24

  • Awesome addon, with this, youtube videos always work for me. Before, videos would stop part-way and act like it was the end of the video, buffering extremely slow or not at all among other things. The only problem with the addon is that it kind of breaks when viewing a page with multiple embedded youtube videos, which causes the addon to play one or more videos at the same time despite having set for the addon not to play any videos automatically.

  • Needs an option to eliminate this: Buffering is stalled. Will stop..I have to constantly click the play button to start the buffering process again. Other than that its a great addon for youtube.

  • I tested this add-on for sometimes and...
    Everytime I go to Youtube.com, then left click > The add-on works.
    Otherwise, I go to Youtube, then open a video with a new tab > The add-on didn't works/appears. Same as when I open a youtube link from other site.

    Is it just me or something ? I'm feel like some kind of inconvenient... But anw, I love this add-on !