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  • Hi,
    I just want congratulate for what you did, it's a really great idea!.

    Just few things, after installed it on Debian Debian GNU/Linux 8.2 (jessie), XLDE desktop and try with Firefox 42 and Youtube, didn't show anything (the options when you move the mouse cursor over a youtube video), not working at all.
    I tried the same on Chrome for Debian and work perfectly in the same computer and OS.
    Do you have any idea what could be wrong?, may be some paths?.

    Thank you!
  • Es muy útil este complemento, ofrece una experiencia mejorada en Youtube al administrar más eficientemente la carga del buffer, ademas de ocultar las anotaciones que en la mayoría de los casos solo molestan.
  • This is no longer working! Please update.
  • Youtube has forced html5 as the default player. Add this plugin along with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/youtube-flash-player/?src=search

    to fix the problem.
  • Doesn't work for me when I use the &html5=1 url parameter to force HTML5 video.
  • Seeing as this hasn't worked in ages, people might want to try YouTube High definition. Does some prebuffering but not as well Smartvideo used to do. Also fixes quality of videos and screen size. If anyone knows of other alternatives, please post.

    Emailed the author for support, but nothing's happened for ages. Please fix and rating will be updated.
  • smart video for youtube is breaking autoplay on playlists sometimes have to click on the big play button to go to the next video.
  • This extension wuz working great until a few months ago. I'm guessing YouTube changed something.
  • doesn't work with Firefox 38.0, please fix it!
  • It does not work at all.
  • I would give you 10000 stars! I f it wasn't so buggy... Makes it almost useless! I'm going to give it one more chance because if they correct those issues, it will be an awesome addon! But right now, it freezes and crashes A LOT and it's really annoying...
  • Не работает
  • This Add-On has been super buggy for months if not years. Usually I don't write reviews, but this add-on has caused me so much trouble... it was just screaming for a negative review.
  • This did what I wanted it to do: allow me to pre-buffer videos as I like to bounce around videos and with DASH that means constant loading for me with my ~2MB connection.

    I had to switch from 480p to 720p though as the former isn't offered with DASH disabled.

    My main criticisms are:
    - It takes a while to load after the page loads, so the video starts buffering, then SmartVideo loads and the buffering starts all over again.
    - It requires two clicks rather than the usual one to get to the settings screen from the Firefox addons page.
    - I'm starting to get the feeling that this addon is no longer supported.
  • Stopped working
  • Firefox seems to be updating constantly and with these updates, I'm sure it has been effecting addons. SmartVideo is a wonderful addon, but since the last Firefox update, it seems to work *most* of the time. It used to work all the time, but I've been noticing it working slightly less often than it used to.

    Other than this problem, this addon is fantastic. I live in an area where the internet is rather slow, so I can have it automatically set my videos to 240 and auto pause. I get my news from youtube, so I often open up multiple tabs of videos, so this is quite handy.

    I see that one user complained about the popup at the bottom. I'm pretty sure there is a setting to remove it.
  • When this addon works properly, it works well, but recently it's been causing errors with youtube videos, especially when you go to many youtube videos in a row in the same tab. Or sometimes the youtube video stops for no reason mid-way and says there was an error that had occurred and I have to refresh the tab to get back functionality.
  • the pop up screen below the video is annoying, made me uninstall this
  • I have ran into absolutely no problems with this addon. it works exactly as advertised. better than anything else iv tried. i don't know how there are so manny negative reviews for this. iv tried many MANY thing that have been too confusing. made the buffer problem WORSE or downright didn't work at all. for three days i had been trying to watch one single video and only ever got a few minutes in at the best of times. something went horribly wrong with the way youtube was buffering videos recently and my face was going red over it. but this is the only thing that's worked for me. and its worked better than i ever could've asked it to
  • I'll be generous in considering that the developer of this add-on has to be very aware of frequent updates to Youtube and HTML embedded videos and make updates to the add-on in tandem. What I cannot be generous about, however, is how the add-on works in normal operation. So consider this, perhaps, an update on the status of the add-on as of the date of this review listed above.

    For one, the percentage buffered on the video is set to 42%, which I can agree is probably an average amount of required buffering of the video meant to guarantee a seamless viewing experience. The Smart Buffer feature, as it's described in the UI, presumably allows for the add-on itself to determine at what percentage buffering should stop. I can't tell whether the SmartBuffer intends to change the percentage and make it visible for the user, or if it simply fixes the percentage and forbids you to change it. It seems to work differently between the web page and pop-up that both control the preferences. For that matter, they don't seem to work together, or be aware of one another, which I would see as a design fault, rather than a bug. I use this issue not as a primary complaint, but as an example of how the add-on fails to account for corner cases in frustrating ways.

    It doesn't seem to handle ads very well. I would recommend using Adblock while running this add-on on Youtube videos, because without Adblock running, I can't tell whether the add-on wants to try to skip ads on its own accord, or let the ad play, while failing to load it. Ads have been playing at the beginning of Youtube videos for a long while now; I cannot imagine how this add-on hasn't accounted for them to date, or, if it does, why it seems to take so long to handle them.

    My biggest complaint may be a bug, but again, it's one that should have been fixed a while ago, and is the main reason I downloaded this add-on: Youtube will autobuffer to a certain percentage ahead of your place in your video when you pause, and this add-on is meant to prevent that from happening. I have a pretty unstable Internet connection where I normally watch Youtube videos, so this add-on would have worked wonders for me if I could pause the video, wait a bit for the full video to buffer, and then continue watching.

    The add-on does not buffer the full video. At the very least, it doesn't do it consistently, because I have had videos that perform this function quite usefully, but other times, the video will buffer as standard, notify that it is done buffering at my 100% preference, and the 20 minute video I had waited to watch was only buffered by about a minute.

    The fact that the preferences page can break the Firefox window, preventing so much as scrolling or tabbing, was the straw that broke this weary camel's back. Consider contacting the developer to let them know about these issues. I will be sure to, as well, because if these problems aren't fixed, I couldn't recommend this add-on to anyone, and I definitely can't recommend it at this point.
  • Doesn't work terribly well. It fixes the loading, but for some insane reason does not allow 1080p videos. WTF? Fix it now.
  • This used to work, but is now completely broken. What is worse is that the add-on injects unwanted HTML/JS code that should only be injected in YouTube pages. If you're writing a blog post or composing an HTML document or creating a web page, you will find that unknowingly to you, this add-on has inserted a bunch of code into the HTML of your blog post. Nothing is shown in WYSIWYG but switch to HTML and be shocked. The developer has been notified of this, but they have not responded or taken action. Disappointing.
  • Long time ago this add-on worked fine, now it does NOTHING - REALLY NOTHING!
  • Buffering works great! Thank you for that, but please add support for higher resolutions.

    If i enable the addon i have only 720p in this video for example: youtube.com/watch?v=iNJdPyoqt8U
    But if i disable the addon, i can show this in 2160p!

    Please fix this
  • Despite recent criticisms I read here, this add-on still works for me.

    It buffers videos quickly, and flawlessly.

    Yes, it does limit resolution to HD720p but that is fine with me.