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  • ..you find out it's not compatible with Thunderbird anymore.
  • %cc(name)% adresses only one adress in CC list. If we have multiple adresses in CC or To List if fails. Please fix
  • Users who have upgraded to Thunderbird 9.0+ can switch to SmartTemplate4.

  • Absolute great and very useful! I like this addon. However, apparently it's not compatible with TB 9.0.1. It would be great if you could provide an upgrade! :)
  • SmartTemplate is AWESOME!

    This is something that should have been incorporated into Thunderbird in the first place.

    What were the developers at Mozilla thinking?

    A BIG THANK YOU to the developers of SmartTemplate!

  • Any news for Smart Template on Thunderbird V.6 ?
  • Any idea how to add optional CCs? That is...only show the CC line if there is at least one CC recipient.

    Edit: Never mind. I got it. Basically...after the To line ends, put a { followed by a line break. Then insert your CC line per usual, ending with another }. This essentially only breaks line and inserts the CC line if the CC recipient exists.
  • It does not work for me in Thunderbird 5 anymore (even after changing the maximum version). The standard mail header is always shown, the one from SmartTemplate is not.
    It used to be a great addon, but currently I would rather recommend "Change quote and reply format".
  • Works normally in Thunderbird 5 after editing the maximum version number. Excellent Add-on.
  • A wonderful add-on, thank you very much!

    Has anyone had any success yet in getting it to work with TB 3.3a3?
  • Works fine with Thunderbird 3.1.10 on Windows XP SP3 and smarttemplate-0.6.0-tb.xpi

    NB: Please notice that some of the reserved words are the current (!) date/ time (of replying/ forwarding) and others are the date/ time of the replied or forwarded message.
  • My reply template results in quoted headers that show the current date and time, not the date and time the message I'm replying to was received. It doesn't matter what reserved words I use. Despite what Marky Mark DE says in his review, even %datelocal% gives the wrong result.
    This is my reply header:
    Subject: %subject%
    Date: %datelocal%
    To: %to%
    From: %from%

    I must be doing something wrong. Anybody any idea?
  • The reply template only seems to work when replying to a message in the Inbox. Replying to a message in another local folder always results in the standard Thunderbird quotes.
  • Using TB 3.1.8, when I reply to a message, the header displays the current date and time instead of the date and time of the original e-mail. Did I make something wrong ?

    Nice and useful add-on though. Thanx.
  • Hi:

    I'm using Thunderbird 3.1.7. Today, I've installed the Smart Template addon 0.6.0. However, after installation, I'm seeing two reply headers like this:

    On 2/16/2011 12:19:19 PM +0100 abc@xyz Wrote: ===> This is crafted by me.
    On 2/16/2011 4:49 PM, abcxyz wrote: ===> Thundebird default quote.

    Is there any way to get rid of this? I deeply appreciate a response.

    Thanks much in advance.
  • Excellent!
    But you'd better to add the string for title, and, maybe, possibility to crate several templates.
  • On new e-mail.... in reply or forwarded messages it work's.... maybe Spanish TB 3.17?
  • Fix for all messages.
    By replacing the prTime2Str function at 416 with the below function will make the date received %datelocal%Reserved word match the time stamp of Thunderbird. The early comment only fix the problem on certain messages.

    function prTime2Str(time, type, timezone)
    //Patch to correctly handle comcast.net emails.
    var tm = new Date();
    var fmt = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/intl/scriptabledateformat;1"].
    var locale = parent.pref.getCom("general.useragent.locale", "en-US");
    // Set Time
    tm.setTime(time / 1000);
    // Format date string
    switch (type) {
    case "datelocal":
    dateFormat = fmt.dateFormatLong; timeFormat = fmt.timeFormatSeconds;
    case "dateshort":
    dateFormat = fmt.dateFormatShort; timeFormat = fmt.timeFormatSeconds;
    return fmt.FormatDateTime(locale, dateFormat, timeFormat,
    tm.getFullYear(), tm.getMonth() + 1, tm.getDate(),
    tm.getHours(), tm.getMinutes(), tm.getSeconds());
  • I found one. If the headers section of the message is longer than 4096 bytes, then the extension doesn't work. This may have several reasons. For example there are many recipients of the message. Or some antivirus adds to much extra information. In my case it was the googlegroups.com mailing list which produced large headers. You can see the complete headers in message source code - press CTRL+U.

    If the extension doesn't work for some message, just open Tools - Error console. You should see a message like:
    hdr.get is not a function
    If you can see it, then you probably have the same problem.

    I have modified the extension so it accepts 32768 bytes which is a limit on many mail servers. It also contains two new reserved words TZ and TZ_NAME mentioned in my previous review. You can download it from http://rapidshare.com/#!download|47l32|442537343|smarttemplate-0.6.0-tb_timezones.xpi|36

    I will contact the author so maybe the fix will be available in the next official version.
  • Nice extension and I love it. But there is one issue about the time stamp in Reply and Forward. It looks to me that SmartTemplate uses the sender's local time instead of my time shown in Thunderbird. I tried all date formats; the results are the same. Other than this, everything works fine with me.

    Try to check "Use instead of standard quote header"; I believe this will take care of it.
    If you're using
    in your setting, be sure to uncheck "Replace new-line with
  • I've got some trouble trying to figure out to add a From,To,CC, Subject and a Date to the message and say there reply's
    I'm currently using the following:
    > -------------------------------------------------------------------------

    > From: %from%

    > To: %to%

    > CC: %cc%

    > Subject: %subject%

    > Date: %date%


    The problem is that after sending thunderbird replaced the space for a double space before sending "> " becomes: "> ".
    Is there a solution for?

    It also happens that thunderbird add a new line in my CC when it's long and that also breaking the reply braces.
  • Great extension! Without it I would be still using TBv2.0.0.x and TB Reset Quote Header -it doesn't work with v.3.x-, so thanks a lot for it. But -there's always a 'but'- as greypillar says it does not work in all e-mails: sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I've tried to find the reason -several quote/reply levels, different languages, etc.- to no avail: I've been unable to find a consistent reason, but, whatever the reason, it simply does not work in some cases, for no apparent reason.

    I'm using TBv3.1.6 for Mac and SmartTemplate v0.6.0
  • As reported by Gunnar Bittersmann on November 3, 2010, the same phenomenon occurred in my Thunderbird/3.1.6 on Mac OS X 10.6.5 for Japanese.

    I use %dateshort% in reply template at the SmartTemplate0.6.0. In this help, the command is shown to yield as an example:"2010/01/01 1:23:45". Unfortunately, the result in my thunderbird is "10/11/23 21:03:00".

    My setting of the short-form of date is YYYY-MM-DD in "Language and Text" at OS X, 10.6.5.

    I hope that the full YYYY will be supported in your add-on at Mac OS X.
  • Hi all

    I was loving this extension but, recently, it has stopped working sometimes (that is, it works on some emails and not on others). There doesn't seem to be any difference between the emails. I am using v 0.6.0, and TB

    Any tips? Thanks.