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  • Mozilla's add-on page says this extension was last updated on July 16, 2015. Wrong. Go to the author's web site (http://twofoos.org/content/smartsearch/) which says the extension was last updated on July, 26, 2014. So the author has not updated this extension for 3 years. If there were no bugs then that would be okay; however, it is a "legacy" extension which means it is NOT a WebExtension coded extension. That means this extension gets marked as a "Legacy" extension as of Firefox 55. It also means this extension will *die* when Firefox 57 no longer allows non-WebExt extensions.

    I liked this extension because it afforded me the right-click search that Internet Explorer had and which Firefox lacks. I could even group search URLs into folders under the context menu entry, like all Google, all Bing, and all <someothersource> grouped together. This made my 22 search URLs feasible; else, I'd be stuck with a huge list of search URLs and have to waste time with my eyes rolling up and down the long list. Since this is an abandoned extension and will never be a WebExt extension, I'm forced to start looking elsewhere for a WebExt solution for context menu based searching. I can use the keyword in a bookmark for the search URL but that has the nuisance that I have to first copy the text from the web page, enter the keyword (as a prefix) in the address bar of Firefox, and then paste in the search string text. So I don't lose the use of the keywords for my search bookmarks. I lose the ease of right-clicking and using a list from the context menu.

    5 stars for being a great extension. Minus 1 star for abandonment. Minus 1 star for not being a WebExtension add-on (and no development to create one).
    Thanks, and sorry that I haven't been a real owner of SmartSearch for years. I just learned of https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search-we/, which I see you've already found today. I recommend it to anyone else looking for a SmartSearch-like extension.
  • does not detect the selected text anymore, only the single word thats directly under the mouse cursor, so searching phrases is no longer possible. this has basicly rendered this once poweful search tool almost completely useless.
    Yes, I'm sorry about that. I just learned learned of https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search-we/, a SmartSearch-like extension that is compatible with WebExtensions and (I assume) E10. I recommend moving to it if it suits your needs.
  • 非常的好,希望能加入设置网站图标的功能,那就更完美了。
  • Two features that really grabbed me here:
    1. You can right-click on a hovered word or link title without selecting it.
    2. Unlike most other extensions, this one integrates with existing FF functionality, and is thus a lot easier to manage. So you get smart bookmark searches with keyword in the location bar, backed by a well-organized custom-ordered per-folder list the context menu.
  • At last I've found an add-on that will replace "Organize Search Engines", that was removed by its author and won't be signed. How is it possible to use search engines without dividing them into folders? Perfect!
  • Simple and useful extension.

    Sadly the latest version of extension (3.25) is not compatible with Firefox ESR (38.2.0 currently). And this site offer to install 3.19 which does not work with Fx 38 either.
    I was able to install version 3.23.1 from history page. Ah! It works again!
  • Very useful and efficient add on.
    Thanks to the developer.

    Needs an update to work with 39? Stopped working after Firefox 39 update.
    Thanks for the report. I hope to get it fixed this weekend. Sorry for the trouble.

    (Update: Fixed.)
  • With this add-on it is possible to conveniently base all search engines on Firefox' keyword bookmarks feature (and get rid of the rather inflexible old "manage search engines" feature). Just define the search engines as keyword bookmarks (via right click on any search field on the web and "add keyword for this search...") and then directly search selected text from the context menu. It is very flexible, because it mirrors my bookmarks folder structure for the search engines in the context menu!

    This is already great, but with just one more line of code it even works perfectly together with tree style tabs and opens all search results as child tabs of the tab from which I launched the search! (For developers: Just add the line "TreeStyleTabService.readyToOpenChildTabNow( windowForResults.gBrowser.selectedTab);" before the windowForResults.openUILinkIn(...) line in the openSearch function of smartsearch.js).

    For the wishlist: Sometimes when typing new search terms in the location bar I would like to browse the available search engines (or I forgot the keyword of a particular engine). Therefore I would like to suggest the following additions: a) Also add the "Search for ### on..." menu item into the context menu of the location bar (automatically grabbing all text, if none is selected). b) make an option to display the keywords in the context menu as a reminder (like the keyboard shortcuts are displayed in e.g. Firefox' Edit menu).

    Thanks again!
  • bug: disabled "when i open search result in new tab, switch to it immediately" is not respected by "show "search web for..." item". please fix in next version, and please add option to respect bookmarks spacers (important for clearer view with lot of searches on the list). thanks!
  • Great stuff, it would be awesome if you could modify which words you can trim, currently it's only "quicksearch" whereas I have all mine labeled "Search Key" for example..
  • Excellent addon, and I use it thousands of times a day - until I upgraded to Firefox 31 this morning, and it's no longer working......

    Let me know if it has any further problems.
  • perfect but not working firefox 31+
    I've just submitted SmartSearch 3.23 for review. It works with Firefox 31:

  • Almost perfect. The only thing I miss is displaying the dividers in the menu (as set in the bookmark manager). It would be much more usable, enabling to divide websites into groups without having to use subfolders (which is inconvinient).
  • Works perfectly, updated often to keep up with firefox's changes.
    Great addon.
  • Firefox keeps changing all the time, and this developer has been responsive to get fixes out to keep it working. It's a great, easy to use add on, and I can't understand why FF wouldn't have something similar as standard issue. There are plenty of little add ons that can say, help you search Google or Amazon via context menu/right click. This one helps you search anything (Google large images for example), and do it with the ease of adding it with one step. LOVE it.
    I've finally replied to the email -- sorry. I found a workaround for the FF 26 problem, and I uploaded the fixed extension as SmartSearch 3.22. It's awaiting review now:

  • I have to leave the mouse cursor on the bar for about three seconds before the search engine choices generate. Unless my profile is corrupt .. again.

    Great extension as its the only one seeming to let you use the keyword search folder.
    Sorry for taking so long to get to this. I found a workaround for the FF 26 problem, and I uploaded the fixed extension as SmartSearch 3.22. It's awaiting review now:

  • Having Smartsearch default to searching on potentially insecure clipboard content may be an issue for some. To remove this feature:

    1. Close Firefox.
    2. Find the Smartsearch xpi in the extensions subfolder. 3. Open the file with an unzip utility.
    4. Open "smartsearch.js" in \content\smartsearch\ with a text editor.
    5. Comment out the following lines:

    // if(clipboardText) {
    // return clipboardText;
    // }

    6. Save the modified .js file and update the xpi.
    7. Restart Firefox.
  • I'm not too keen on having the selected text displayed in the context menu name, but in this instance it does make sense because the word "on" has been added to the end. It's also truncated reasonably, so it doesn't make your context menu width go too crazy.

    I would have to say that SmartSearch is probably my favourite extension of its kind. It's very easy to use and has useful options (particularly the one to have no context menu when no text is selected). The engines are easy to configure (standard Firefox quick searches) and you can also group your entries by folder. It also doesn't rely on the engines listed in your search bar (so you can organize them differently to suit your specific needs).

    I highly recommended this extension.
  • Thanks for the update! This extension is wonderful!
  • Thanks for keeping this extension current! The best of it's kind.
  • Chris, I noticed that firefox now basically has Smartsearch built in. (Correction: Not true) I would love the lowdown on whether they adopted your idea or whether you both adopted it from another source. That sort of thing.

    The below is my response to the Developers reply.

    The Firefox feature that I came across is called “keyword searches” or “Smart keywords” which also involves going to another webpage and associating a keyword with its search field. This is the help page...http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-search-from-address-bar
    That being said, I just discovered that it doesn’t provide the functionality that your add-on does. Specifically the ability to select a word on a page and use a dropdown list to choose from a list of websites. (Something I do all the time since it’s quick and doesn’t require typing or remembering keywords).

    There is a strong chance that I’m mistaken and your add-on instead added functionality to an existing build in feature. I can’t be sure either way.

    That being said, to anyone reading this, I highly recommend this add-on because of the greater functionality it provides.

    (I also recommend the add-on "Wiktionary and Google Translate" which, when you double click a word, quickly produces a pop-up window with its definition and sometimes an audio of its pronunciation)
    Neat -- how much have they included? I know that "Search <x> for" showed up in the context menu at one point. Have they added support for multiple search engines?

    (Credit where credit is due: The original idea is John Callahan's, and the original implementation (parts of which has survived to this day) is Ben Goodger's.)

    Update: Right, you've got it: The "smart keywords" address-bar functionality is native to Firefox, and SmartSearch adds the context-menu support. Thanks for the review.
  • Even though I have *unchecked* the box "When I open results in a new tab, switch to it immediately" it opens it immediately which kind of spoils the whole fun of this add-on.

    Please update it.
    Hmm, the site seems to have eaten my response. I'll try again:

    Sorry for the trouble. Firefox 11+ behaves a little differently than previous versions, and it took me way too long to track down exactly what changed. I've uploaded a fixed version, and it should become available as soon as it's reviewed. Thanks for the report.
  • Works for me with Aurora 12.0a2.
  • The integration with the "Add Search Engine" feature places it a notch above similar add-ons.
  • Excellent Add-On, but its name doesn't give it much credit!
    Please change the name to "Keyword Search Context Menu"

    Why? Because that's the first thing the comes to the users' mind when search for an add-on with such functionality. I bet that when you do this, more people will find your add-on on Google, and you will get more hits.