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  • It has one problem . for example , when google.com has proxie , every website through google.com will be proxie too , even it didn't need to .
    Is it similar to this issue?, i'm working to fix it. https://github.com/salarcode/SmartProxy/issues/121
  • Syushs
  • So convenient and fast to use it with VPN. It's much better than foxyproxy or swithyomega on firefox. If you're in China and be blocked on internet, please try it first.
  • Simple and powerful, saved me a lot of headaches!
  • GREAT proxy add-on ever.I hope that adding raw format(address:port) export function.Thank you.
  • Где готовые предустановленные рабочие прокси?! Where are the ready pre-installed work proxies?!
    Read the descriptions first which says "SmartProxy does not provide any type of proxy servers."
  • Great extension so far. But I would love if we can have different proxies per tab. Ex. 10 tabs w/ 10 different proxies on the list. Please let me know if this is possible as I'm unable to have 5 diff tabs with diff ips simultaneously.
  • This one is the one I have sought for a long time.
  • I love this addon, but the menu did not show up when I click the button for a month. So I can still use it but cannot change anything, can you fix it ?
    Maybe you don't have access to fonts.googleapis.com? That is troublesome and I will definitely get rid of it.
  • Why does it need access for all website data? I cannot use it because of sensitive permissions request.
    To create a proxy that is a mandatory permission required by firefox.
    check here:
    and here is permission pattern which is for all urls, called
  • Would be perfect with proxy icon colors. (If a resource on the page uses a proxy, show that color on the icon like Proxy SwitchyOmega and FoxyProxy)
    Good suggestion, I've added your suggestion to the issues list: https://github.com/salarcode/SmartProxy/issues/127