Exellent Addon, Great Idea! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hello, Harutyun, thanks for it!
I'm think, this addon can be finally usefull if you may add to it small feature as optional.
It's need for many causes to copying an URLs to Clupboard. Traditionally it can be doing thought user's double click on url string and CTRL+C command (or uses right mouse button floating pane option).
Now you done 1/2 of this operation, because you added "..." button on URL pane of the Browser. Thank you for it! :) But I think you may adding optional feature, who can done this operation on one user's click to this button, if an user prefer it...
Small suggestion about it: It's very reasonable, if this button, who locate AFTER url' string, may be views as defaul as "<" symbol. But this button' symbol need to be changed to "!!" if user switch on the feature, who I describe above...
Many-many Thanks! :)