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I like the concept, as I don't like webistes tracking where I have been...
I had previously been using RefControl 0.8.xx
But through my testing, found it was interfering with Disqus comment system.
Thought I would give this one a go.
But no, Disqus sections of pages still fail to show any comments when Smart-Referer is running.
Tried the suggestion of setting Smart-Referer to loose (?) not strict via FF about:config. So it is now set extensions.smart-referer.strict to 'False'.
But that did not change fact that Disqus comment sections fail to show any comments.
Only when I have turned off (Disabled) Smart-Referer (and RefControl) do Disqus comments display.
(In my eval testing, I would only be testing with one or other of these referral controls, not both at same time.)

Other point that I would suggest, is: There seems no way to know that Smart-Referer is working (assuming I don't care about Disqus issue). So a way to show that Smart-Referer is working would be nice.

As well as a way for it to work that also allows Disqus comments to function.

Thanks. :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

There is no way of making Disqus work, the issue is that Disqus uses the referer to work and it can be on any website, thus when the requests go the referer is removed because it's going to the disqus domain from another domain. Unless you add all the websites that use Disqus to the whitelist of RefControl, they won't work. You should tell Disqus to fix the issue because it's nothing we or RefControl guys can do.

If it's enabled, it's working, the whole point of the addon is to be minimal and not require any fiddling other than the strict mode in case you need to use websites with weird domain setups.

EDIT: ok, I added whitelist support and tested, it now works with Disqus, check the README here: https://github.com/meh/smart-referer for what to do. Keep in mind it will take some time to be reviewed, in the meantime you can use the package in the download section of the page I posted above.