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  • Is it really required to use dweb infrastructure to get a tiny whitelist file? My FF shooting a bunch of requests to some shady looking urls:
    I thought I've got a malware when I saw that in my log files.
    And it takes half an hour to figure out the source of suspicious web traffic.
  • Расширение давно не работает, хватит звездочки ему ставить. Да и белый список давно не обновлялся.
  • Doesn't seem to work. Simple settings in the FF's about:config work, however.
  • Thanks! Yes this addon works as intended, however, I can't seem to make the exceptions work or even a whitelisted site I add. No matter what I do, the whitelisted site or exception is blocked...please advise...
  • Almost perfect, but it's missing the ability to set custom referrers for different websites.
  • --------Comment 1--------
    Hello. At the screenshot in the title of the window a wonderful font is used. Dude, is it convenient for you to read the text in this font?
    --------Comment 2--------
    Your add-on is very useful. I use it and I am very pleased.
    Man, I just confused the assessment. I put you 5 stars, and your add-on is really good.
    And the font on the screenshot made me laugh heartily.
    Read this my comment, and then I will delete my first comment about the font.

    Thanks. Good luck.
    Ah OK, your initial comment just was very confusing. :-)
    (Not sure I mentioned it last time, but the font of the window title is called “eufm10”.)
  • Well scripted, but sadly, this addons connects firefox at at startup. Not trustful.
    Your probably talking about the default whitelist update which indeed happens on every startup as well as every 24h thereafter. No personally identifiable data is transmitted because of this and if you wish to disable this you may do so in the extension's settings. Please see the Privacy Policy at https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/smart-referer/privacy/ for details.
  • Great. Far superior to other referrer blockers I've used. Just for starters, intelligently allows within-domain referrers to be passed, which makes sense since you generally trust that domain. Other referrer-blockers' failure to do that causes the great-majority of problems.