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  • It breaks video playing in facebook. --- 'fbcdn.net/*.mp4' files are blocked by CORS security.

    I had a look at the exceptions rules and it already has '*.facebook.com > *.fbcdn.net'. The exception rules are not working anymore? Have to disable to be able to watch videos.

    Only way to find out this was the cause of the error was to enable/disable obvious culprits like ublock, decentral eyes, etc.. one by one, and this addon was not at the top of the list.
  • Does exactly what it says.
  • There's no telling if this add-on works or not. It doesn't offer any notification of any kind.
    I give 2nd star in a good faith that at least it does what it says.

    Developer response

    If the icons's grayed out it doesn't work, otherwise it does. That's all there is; no big green “you're safe bar”, etc. ;-)
  • A nice way to keep your navigation private. Thanks for this!
  • The developer's description of this Fx extension is woefully inadequate.
    It fails to explain what the extension does, why and how it does what it does, and (most importantly) what particular issue(s) the extension is designed to address. I ask the developer to please rewrite the description so that it is meaningful to every casual reader (and even to an Fx longtooth [v1.2] and privacy freak who, from the description, has no clue about what this extension is "for").
  • It's not 100% perfect, e.g. no Chrome version, a few bugs here and there, but all in all this seems fantastic. Nothing else seems to encapsulate this functionality (except Tor Browser), which is really a shame. The referer header is a significant source of information leakage which has been around since the web was invented. I'm surprised that this extension is perhaps the only way to defend against such leakage with ease. It certainly brings a greater peace of mind with respect to people being able to track your movements.
  • ขอบคุณ
  • I like your User Agent addon.
    Having the ability to set custom referrers for different websites would be nice.
  • fine :)
    smart :)
    simple :)

    Also for Chrome, Opera? :)
  • When i have enable the addon, i can't watch videos on Facebook...by disabling the addon everything is ok. The problem is only on FB...please fix that issue.
    Windows 7 64bit Firefox 61.0 beta 13
  • Good
  • Indispensable addon! A must have!

    Can it be possible to add exceptions from the toolbar icon?
  • Please write a release note.
  • It gives a piece of mind in terms of online privacy and security. I have not encountered any problem with it so far.
  • Great extension.
    If this extension add the Import/Export rules function,this extension will be better.
  • Awesome add-on!
  • I installed this as a replacement to RefControl, because of that WebExtension mess.

    I just installed it, so I'll have to test it longer to be sure, but so far I like the concept of only forging cross-doman requests: that seems like a smart way to avoid most of the trouble that could be caused by forging everything like I used to.
  • Awesome!
  • Great extension to protect our privacy, only one thing is missing for it to be a full WebExtension replacement for the legacy extension RefControl : please add an option for it to work on the same domain too !
  • the setting is strange and hard to understand use, for example how to set a site "*.google.com" reffer to "yahoo.com".
    please make that easy to use like RefControl.
  • Please keep this in mind for the webextension: ghacks.net/2017/08/30/firefox-webextensions-may-identify-you-on-the-internet/
  • Thanks for finally adding e10s / WebExtension support. I realized how much I missed this addon when I was relying on Firefox's built-in referrer controls. Some sites (like photos.google.com > youtube.com) simply do not work without a valid referrer. This addon lets my protect my privacy and still use all the sites I want. Keep up the great work! :)
  • Any novel privacy-enhancing add-on gets a thumbs up from me. Thanks!
  • I use this all the time. How is e10 compatibility coming along?
  • I like the fact the extension allows you to treat subdomains as different domains, and to configure how the referer should be set (same than URL or direct hit). The project is on GitHub: https://github.com/meh/smart-referer