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  • pls make for Version 35!)

  • Can make available to Version 29?

  • Please bring this to FF20. :<

  • Please, please, please bring these themes to Mac!

  • SmallringFX DARKMagenta
    Can you update this themes for firefox 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had to downgrade Firefox for this theme. I do hope they update this theme soon. Love it, though.

  • I hate myself for updating my FireFox to 14. :U.

  • it didn't work on my computer..I've repeated installing it many times:( what to do? :S i need help. i really want this theme..

  • Thanks I love this one :-)

  • Wer das Theme in Firefox 12 nutzen möchte:

    einfach Add-On Compatibility Reporter und Nightly Tester Tools installieren.
    Dann bei FF unter Extras: Nightly Tester Tools - Force Addon Compatibility anklicken und danach kann man die gewünschten Addons installieren und auch aktivieren. Viel Spass damit!

  • Why is this not available for Firefox on Ubuntu? :-(

  • I really love this theme! I would appreciate some help though. I know you posted a fix about getting the google background to look like the example picture you've posted, but would you mind helping me make my Mozilla Start Page have the background? I've been trying, but I can't seem to figure it out.

  • My favorite theme. It's gorgeous to look at, it's compact enough to not overcrowd your screen. It's clean, elegant, modern and the colors contrast looks fantastic. Highly recommend this theme. I also like the same theme in blue. Just as nice, but I'm a girl therefore nothing tops the color pink/magenta. But blue is also lovely unisex color Thank you to the makers.

  • Elegant for me.
    I found a bug. The titlebar broken with custom windows 7 theme.

  • Why won't the Google background work on my Google? My background is still white? Please email any answers to me at xx_angel__kisses_xx@hotmail.com with a relevant subject line because I may not check back here that frequently - thank you so much :( very sad.. otherwise amazing theme.

  • me encantaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  • I really really love this theme, but have a big problem with it affecting the launch of my "options" menu. I use options frequently, but if this theme is in use it seems to make the Options window open off the screen, I can move the window but it is too big to fit in my screen so I cannot navigate tabs. I use a netbook. Otherwise brilliant - so disappointed I have had to uninstall :-(

  • I cannot see the background image of smallringfx darkmagenta on my firefox homepage. What can I do?? :/

  • i use this theme every install firefox for 1st time,so simple,love this themes!thx dear :)

  • I love this, but ...I can't download, the server fails :_(

    Developer response

    Why not try it again? I think the server now looks alright.

  • Also, why doesn't my google page look black and magenta like yours? :/

    Developer response

    Actually the image is just for demonstration purpose only, it is nothing to do with the theme. If you want to make your Google homepage like this:

    You can simply download from the following link:

    On Google's homepage, you can see "Change background image" on the right bottom corner, just apply it then it will be done.

  • Bardzo fajny motyw :) Good job! :)

  • EDIT--- just saw the updated link you gave below to fix text brightness. Giving it a go.

    I first want to say that I would have given 4 1/2 stars...but that's not possible. So 4 stars it is.I love this theme. Purple is my favorite color and it is very sleek and minimal. If you like other colors, there are other colors available in this same look by SmallringFX.My only complaint, which is very small since this theme is awesome, is that the text in tabs could be a little brighter. My suggestion is maybe making the "glow effect" go around the whole letter/word instead of the right-bottom of the letter/word. Other than that, this is a perfect theme! Thanks!

    Developer response

    Thanks for your support and review. Overall texts will be tuned a bit brighter in the coming next version very soon. For your suggestion about glow effect, I might not going to apply it on the next updated version for consistency but I will take it as a consideration for future development. Thanks a lot.

  • Looks perfect with the Lovebirds Windows 7 theme!

    Only complaint is the unlighted text is too dim.

    Developer response

    Thanks for your comment. Actually the theme is updated but just still awaiting for Mozilla's approval, the overall texts are tuned to be more brighter. You can download the updated version in advanced from here:

    Version 1.0829

  • You are very good at this have you done any light themes? I installed this version today and give it 5 stars.. 10 if it were lighter..

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