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  • Hi Smallring - I really like the DARKBlue theme, however there are two minor niggles I have with it:

    1) In the address bar, I normally have an RSS button when a page exposes an RSS feed - I know I can use the Bookmarks | Subscribe to This Page... menu item, but it's not obvious that a page has RSS feeds without opening the menu.
    2) Less of an issue: When using FireBug, Most of the tabs display information in the line below them - this is in black text on a very dark grey background, which turns white as I roll the mouse over it - not sure if that's something you can control or not.

    Many thanks otherwise for a great, clean theme.
    noted and thanks for your comment.
  • possibly the dark theme i've been looking for ;) excellent work on colors and sleek look. even only the half-transparent menus worth 3-4 stars and mine is 5 ;) great work!
  • Love the details and the colours on this theme. The contrast is just enough to be readable, but not overly distracting. Some small things do distract, though, such as how when you highlight text in the URL bar or the search bar, the highlight is a few pixels larger than the bars (height-wise). Overall, very enjoyable to use, but would be a lot more awesome with the small detailed fixed.
  • This is the best theme i ever seen, but i miss the selection point when i want download something.
    I have installed the OrbitDownloader, and if i download something, i don´t can see any selection point. "The Green Dot for selection"
    I have a choice between "Save under" and "Download with Orbit" but i don´t see what i have selected because it is missing.
    Please fix this...its a very bad bug...

    I am not pretty sure about this, noted and see if it is possible later on.
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    Thanks for your comment and support, sounds like you are sophisticated! I am really glad that you like it indeed, thank you.
  • It's nice.. just, i'm not digging the no icon bookmarks. Add the icons for the bookmarks and it would be 5/5.
    It is fixed and just waiting for mozilla's review, please keeps an eye on the next update.
  • This is gorgeous. So clean. The only theme I ever use is Classic Compact, but after years upon years I now have a second theme to use. Thanx!
  • Just had to try it; Firefox 4.0b6 Mac OS X 10.6.4, of course, other readers please note, *I used the Firefox 4 version off of your site...*

    Looks incredible! Very small caveats, but I've seen worse. Everything is functional so far and very smooth, thanks!
    I am glad you like it, actually I am not sure about Mac cause' I haven't got a mac for testing, maybe you guys can point out the problems if it works on mac indeed.The theme for 4.0 actually is still in beta because FF4 beta still keeps changing a lot in different versions, after official 4.0 released the theme will be better for sure, thanks for your support anyway.
  • Just amazing...
  • This would be one of the best themes on Firefox, if it didn't make the icons on the bookmarks tool bar disappear. I can't see my bookmarks anymore.. Hope a fix is coming, in the mean time = I'll have to use something else.
    Removing all the bookmark icons actually is a part of design consideration because it does always making the browser looks messy, but I will take your comment as a reference, see if others also have the same request or not. Thanks for your comments anyway.
  • This theme is beautiful, and will not be leaving my computer for a long time to come.
  • great theme! like it simple but stylish.
  • very beautiful theme, But one point I suggest is the title color in tab bar should be white
    Noted and thanks, I will consider if it is needed to make it less contrast between active tab and others or not.
  • I like the theme, I'm currently using it. My only problem is with the size of the icons, I prefer small icons and even with them set to small they're bigger than standard icons.
    Noted and thanks!
  • But can you change the white color in urlbar/searchbar, please? :)

    Thanks for your comment and picture, actually I didn't know it works on ubuntu before, thank you for telling me about that.
    For the problem you mentioned, see if I can fix it later on or not.
  • Black! I love this theme.
  • This is the theme I am currently using for my web browser.After some good consideration, I picked the blue version of it, because I like it very much.5/5 stars! (:
    Thanks for your support and I am glad you like it, more options of color will be considered if this version of them haven't got many problems.
  • Like your theme, any chance for a Mac version?
    I don't have a mac for testing so actually I am not going to do a mac version yet, I feel sorry about that. According to some of other comments, seems it might works on mac indeed, maybe you can give it a shot to see if there is any problem about installing this theme.
  • please adapt this to smart bookmarks bar.
    please adapt this to smart bookmarks bar.
    please adapt this to smart bookmarks bar.
    please adapt this to smart bookmarks bar.
    please adapt this to smart bookmarks bar.

    how many time should i tell you again?
    The smart bookmark bar should be adapted in this version, can I know have you updated the version to 0.901? or maybe could you point out what is the problem about the smart bookmark bar?
  • This is one of the best themes I have seen. I wish that the navigation and status bars were smaller and the icons on the navigation toolbar were smaller. I already have the toolbar set to small icons and they still take up a lot of the bar.
  • This has got to be the best theme I have downloaded ever. It is sleek, modern, simple. The only suggestion is instead of the highlight color being boring white could you make it a baby blue?
  • This is possibly the best theme I've ever used.
    These are the reasons:
    At first glance, it is minimalistic, smooth, elegant, simple yet functional.
    There is much more to it, nonetheless. All the menus and the icons are fully fitted and neatly put on the page layout. The transitions are smooth and the graphical richness is beyound phenomenal.
    Well done really. This is really the perfect theme for me.

    However, there is an indispensable feature you should work on. I like to keep the browser as simple as possible so I avoid folders full of favourite pages or quick buttons. Instead, I used to have just an ordered list of icons, so i could easily access them without too much hassle. However this theme doesn't support the icon itself (as far as I'm aware) and this is a disappointment. If you could do something to fix this issue, this would be both great and a major improvement over this current version.
    To illustrate what I'm referring to:

    Yet again, congratulations on this particular theme (why not try a geekier psychedelic green version :D)
    Thanks for your detail comments and I am glad that you like it in whole, can I know what kind of extension you used for the icons you mentioned from your picture?
    Yes I will consider different colors later on in case if you guys really like it.
  • I really want to use this them but I can't. I am using Firefox 3.6.8 but for some reason it says Not available for Firefox 3.5.1 under neath the Add to Firefox button. I am using Windows XP. Please help me What could be the problem?
    If you make sure that you are using 3.6.8, maybe you can still press the "install" button to give it a shot, or right-click the "install" button and save it to anywhere you want. After download finished, drag it into the add-on window.
  • i hope u program it to work on Ubuntu also
    I feel sorry that as I haven't got a Linux machine so I can't do any test on it, maybe you can try to install it to see if it would be accepting when running on Linux or not?
  • I see this design highly integrated with songbird, excellent work continues