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  • Love the setup overall, but could you make the back button a bit smaller though? I want a bigger screen, but I don't want Chrome, so I'd like my Firefox window as big as possible. Oh, and I use the Bookmark bar, so it adds another bar..
  • Тема отличная, но в окне настроек внизу не видно кнопок.
    The theme is excellent, but in the settings window at the bottom is not visible buttons.
  • WoW! Nice AddOn! Thank you! :-) 5 5tars and more ...
  • Здравствуйте.Хорошая тема, не знаю как у кого, но у меня в основных настройках при включенной теме нет кнопки oк,
    для подтверждения настроек.
  • dear developer given subject I you much ask to process givenned subjects that she worked in place with Mozilla Firefox 8.0 given subject not work on start page
  • Just upgraded to Firefox 8.0, the Mozilla Start Page no longer follows the theme. Uninstalling and reinstalling the theme didn't help.
  • Excellent easy on the eyes dark theme, thank you :) ...but...Has anyone noticed extremely sluggish scrolling and favicon loading in the bookmark dropdown menu?
    The same with Magenta version, this is not the case with any other theme I use.
    @(on XP) The Tab Bar/Menu button coloring is outstanding..
  • really like all the different SmallringFX themes but a few issues.
    1 breaks the MileWideBack extension which is a must have for laptop users
    2 breaks the ColorfulTabs extension. tabs arent colored anymore and the tab labels are unreadable.
    3 close button isnt at the very top right corner. cant just move mouse all the way up to close FF.
  • Cool looking theme; I love the black/light blue combination you have here. But I have one problem. For some reason when viewing website that uses either Flash or java, the fonts seem to fade horribly and change from its original color into bright fluorescent colors. I decided to take 2 screenshots of them: 1. Using Firefox default theme - http://flic.kr/p/awJ1NL and 2. Using SmallringFX DARKBlue theme - http://flic.kr/p/awJ1MA.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?
  • Thank you for this wonderful theme, i simply love it - it's done so artfully.

    The only issue i got with it is that i can no longer press "X"(to close the browser)by simply moving the cursor all the way to the upper right corner, the close button is a little more to the left in this theme, so i have to look and aim in order to close it.Small annoyance, but i had to mention it.

    I would also like to know how you managed to customize the google page.
  • How to install the homepage google with the original theme page dark and blue? Thanks a lot and good theme
  • Muy bueno un estilo sobrio y realmente con un oscuro destacado por sus detalles simples y originales. Me gusto!
  • Brilliant art piece! Will you ever make one of those themes for Windows? Thanks and keep up the good work! :)
  • :) :) :)
  • muy buen trabajo tiee mucho estilo
  • Si esta muy bueno yo habia estado usando Google Chrome pero firefox se mira mejor con los complementos que tiene me gusta mucho el color negro que tiene es perfecto.
  • esta buena la aparencia bueno adios saludos
  • Très bon thème, agréable, et joli. Le meilleur selon moi !
    The best !
    Merci beaucoup!
  • Great theme. However, when the window is not maximized and you press F11 to go into full screen, it looks really really unusable and ugly. Only after I maximize the window and press F11, the GUI looks great again.
    Thanks for your support and comment. About the problem you mentioned, I have tried several times but the problem haven't existed in my machines. It would be great if you can provide any screen shot of it. Thanks a lot!
  • Please update it for Firefox 5.0
    I would like to use it
    Actually It is compatible with Firefox 5, would you please kindly check or try to download it again?

    Thanks for your support anyway!
  • Uff... amazing
    Master piece of design
    Can you tell us how did you set the Google startpage in those colors/features. Please provide full instructions or link. It is really stylish.

    Thanks for sharing your talent and keep it going
  • è veramente rarissimo trovare un tema che si distingue dai soliti. Questo in particolare non solo si distingue, ma è anche molto bello. Complimenti!
  • Very nice! thank you!
  • Absolutely the best theme for my Firefox! Please update soon. I am lost without the SmallringFX DARKBlue theme. I just recently found this theme. And to lose it cause I updated to Firefox 4 is just wrong! lol Please update soon.
    Thanks for your support, it's updated finally!
  • Best Firefox skin! We look forward to an update to 4.0
    Our Firefox without SmallringFX DARK is sad: (
    Thanks for your support, it's updated finally!