28 reviews for this add-on
  • Not compatible with the lasts version of Firefox
  • notcompatable
  • ¿Podeis sacar versión para firefox quantum?

  • gehört zu skype
  • Na Firefox Quantum (58.0.1 64 bitů) na Win 8.1 NEfunkční - prosím, vyřaďte jej z doplňků.
  • It has disabled Firefox, I think Microsoft is in breach of monopoly regulations
  • Why are you not supporting this plugin on Quantum? Firefox is my browser of choice but I am going to have to use another for my meetings. Bah humbug
  • V Linuxu Ubuntu 16.04 a ve Firefox 57 nejde Skype
  • ne fonctionne pas firefox 54.0 (64 bits)
  • Good addons for everyone...
  • O yes
  • Unable to use in Firefox 57
  • Werde dieses Add-on weiter verwenden.
  • Gracias
  • cada vez como a mi me gusta instalar verciones muy anticipadas de firefox y no lo puedo utilizar porque no es compartible con firefox 55.0 a1
  • I have done everything. STILL DOESN'T WORK
  • Great!
  • Nie działa z Firefox Quantum (57)
  • ök
  • Just installed two plugins on firefox and it worked in 15 secs, no more "skype is heavy" "skype is taking my ram away",
  • 5
  • i want make a call on web skype, but failed, because it required an anditional plugin, and i had download the plugin, but can't install it . i don't know why.
  • Wow, like Windows 8 and 10 (hated by autorities of most countries for data privacy policies), Microsoft are now a big spy society.

    Now, official softwares by Microsoft can install, without your knowledge, with hidden parameters, a bad extentions in browsers and other emplacements.

    Keep warning, the gap between Microsoft and bad societies are more and more little. It's like the softwares and bad softwares download platforms websites who add a toolbars and adwares with their softwares installation.
  • Depuis les nouvelles cndition d'utilisation "Je ne vous respecte pas et je vous surveille...",

    je n'ai plus de compte spy... heu skype...

    A bannir

    Par cette méthode, d'autres respectueux de chacun et de la vie privée émergeront.

    Utiliser les lois US dans les pays hors US c'est se croire maitre du monde.
    Il ne sera pas mettre de mon PC !
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