31 reviews for this add-on
  • notcompatable
  • Downloaded Skype update, lost all contacts, says Skype is incompatible with my browser.
  • kkkk
  • Should be able to use skype on a browser.
  • Does not work with skype for business
  • ¿Podeis sacar versión para firefox quantum?

  • gehört zu skype
  • Na Firefox Quantum (58.0.1 64 bitů) na Win 8.1 NEfunkční - prosím, vyřaďte jej z doplňků.
  • It has disabled Firefox, I think Microsoft is in breach of monopoly regulations
  • Why are you not supporting this plugin on Quantum? Firefox is my browser of choice but I am going to have to use another for my meetings. Bah humbug
  • V Linuxu Ubuntu 16.04 a ve Firefox 57 nejde Skype
  • ne fonctionne pas firefox 54.0 (64 bits)
  • Good addons for everyone...
  • O yes
  • Unable to use in Firefox 57
  • Werde dieses Add-on weiter verwenden.
  • Gracias
  • cada vez como a mi me gusta instalar verciones muy anticipadas de firefox y no lo puedo utilizar porque no es compartible con firefox 55.0 a1
  • I have done everything. STILL DOESN'T WORK
  • Great!
  • Nie działa z Firefox Quantum (57)
  • ök
  • Just installed two plugins on firefox and it worked in 15 secs, no more "skype is heavy" "skype is taking my ram away",
  • 5
  • i want make a call on web skype, but failed, because it required an anditional plugin, and i had download the plugin, but can't install it . i don't know why.
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