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  • Rarely did anything useful, and since it has not been updated in close to 2 years is now completely useless.
  • So, no update planned then?? ... this still does the job ... seriously need update or replacement ??
  • ....
  • I installed this so that I can autodownload Mediafire, but it won't work. It works on other sites, though.

    Also, please add support for Adf.ly and other pay-per-click services.
  • Great addition!
    Please add https://shorte.st
  • good
  • Spectacular.
  • Was a great addon. I imagine this douche bag maneuver to ultimately end badly for users. Just like Chrome Store, devs have an idea, then sellout. Usually malicious entities buying addons and ridding them with spyware, ads and etc...
  • Do like!
  • I've used this before, however, I suggest Greasemonkey many of the user scripts are updated often and offer access to far more sites. Plus, they're easier to edit since you don't have to go into the xpi or the extracted folder depending on the extension.

    My suggestion to SS would be a setup like Autopager allowing users to submit custom settings for any site allowing other users to detect those settings and use them themselves. Not only does that save time from the request, but it eliminates the need to even add new sites since the users will be doing it for you. I've added at least 500 sites to AP from forums to blogs and even sites that did not need it. Offer a way to add new pages easy then offer Regular Expression for advanced options so power users can add sites that might not be so easy to add.

    If you guys did that this add-on would be truly kick ass, actually more, but I've censored myself. ;)

  • I really hate timers on sharing sites. With this thing I am hate-free
  • This is a really useful add-on. I really didn't knew that there was a thing that helps with the countdown timers on sharing sites.
  • Used to work and was useful, but sites updated their code and this program did not.

    Has not worked for a couple of years now!

    5 stars so it appears on the front and warn people not to bother!
  • needs updating! come on 2014 version!
  • This would be great if it worked with sockshare.com, putlocker.com, and billionuploads.com. Those are the sites I use most since they have downloading for free users that is at speeds equal to mediafire.com but they support larger files and they allow streaming videos without download. It would be easy to add support for those sites to this extension (have found userscripts on userscripts.org that do it and they would only need to look at the code to see how it was done) and I even put in a request for it 1+ year ago but they either ignored it or refused it. To those who are reading this I would recommend you install graesemonkey or scriptish and use the scripts at the bottom of this post instead of or in conjunction with skipscreen. Also you should search for other scripts as well since you may find some useful ones that I did not.
  • Is SkipScreen back? installed again !
  • Do NOT try to force visitors to your website to use an HTTPS connection. I'm definitely uninstalling your software, because you are plainly not to be trusted.
  • Prevented log in & Log out of Google=Definitive Culprit on Firefox 22.0
    Pertinent to point out I have 98 addons installed
  • a nice add-on has became annoyance, it bombards dialog boxes of error on google searches. feels much like harassment.

    Also Firefox team should do something about extensions compatibility, how one can convince himself when he sees that once a well comforting add-on is suddenly not working becos the FF is updated to enhance (!) the performance ??

    this happened many times to me when I was using FF a couple of yrs ago and I stopped only due to this reason, frequently add-ons were becoming incompatible. how long FF wants to go, its alrdy 22 ??!! this should stop or atleast slow-down.
  • This used to be perfect, but ever since I updated to FireFox 22, the following error message appears frequently: "SkipScreen cmp: Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object." If this isn't resolved within a few weeks, I'm going to have to uninstall this add-on which I've used for so many years!
  • SkipScreen used to work great, but as of June 25, with Firefox 22, I get this error whenever I open a new tab:

    [JavaScript Application]
    SkipScreen cmp: Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object
  • Getting this alert message after updating to Firefox 22.

    [JavaScript Application]
    SkipScreen cmp: Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object
  • doesn't work!!! won't download 4Shared files
  • Few days back, I got excited when i have discovered this addon and i installed it.
    BUT Today i got very Disappointed.
    I have discovered that this was the addon causing me problems with the "filestube.com" Website.

    So, just now, I checked the Skip Screen "Options" and i said. Oh my! I found you, You SNEAKY thing.
    I was trying for 3 days to find a solution. What was going on..
    This addon, instead of Skipping Advertisments, or i don't know what, it does the Opposite. It Skips and Redirects you AWAY from the necessary Downloading Link page, where the Links really are. It was redirected me to this site (crocko.com) which has nothing to do with Filestube.
    Please fix this or i will uninstall it from my Firefox. Thank you.