SiteSonar 1.1

Privacy Policy

Site-Sonar Privacy Summary:
Site-Sonar is a browser extension currently supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, which silently collects data about how ad's are performing in your browser. After collecting that data, it will be sent to Site-Sonar's server to aggregate (unless you opt out) and keep ad networks accountable through publicly accessible performance information.

What you should know-
1. Upon installing Site-Sonar, data will be collected locally and stored in your browser. Unless you opt out, every 2 minutes, that data will be sent to Site-Sonar servers for aggregation and display on our public dashboard.
2. By default, data collected by Site-Sonar is sent to us.
3. You can chose to opt out of sending any data to us.
4. If you do contribute Site-Sonar data to us, your browser will send us your data in a manner which we believe minimizes your risk of being re-identified (you can see a list of the kind of data involved here). We will post your data along with data from others in an aggregated and open database. Opening this data can help users and researchers make more informed decisions based on the collective information.
5. Uninstalling Site-Sonar prevents collection of any further Site-Sonar data and will delete the data stored locally in your browser.

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