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Please update this to firefox 4.0 when you get a chance. I won't upgrade to 4.0 until I have this extension as some way to reload a bookmark with just a keyboard shortcut. I use it for reloading CSS on the page and it works great and by my knowledge I don't know of any other extension that does this.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.4). 

Hi SavvyPanda,

Very flattered that you wouldn't upgrade to 4.0 until it has SiteLauncher!

A new version for Firefox 4 is available to download now at our official website: http://www.donesmart.com/sitelauncher/

A new Firefox 4 version should also be available on Mozilla in due course, but this can take time due to the human review process extension updates must go through before appearing on Mozilla Add-Ons.

David Morrison