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  • Great extension. I like it so much I will not upgrade to Firefox Quantum until site launcher is compatible.
  • pleaseeeeee make it work FF quantum, willing to donate to make it work....thanks
  • Please make it available for FF Quantum
  • schade das es nicht mehr gibt... 5----
  • update SL - this is one of the best extensions ever - I'd like to use Quantum but the lack of SL prevents me.
  • Pleeeeaaaaase update SL - this is one of the best extensions ever - I'd like to use Quantum but the lack of SL prevents me.
    It would be a shame to let one of the best extensions die...
  • Please, please update or make open source! Having grown accustomed to SiteLauncher over the last few years, the other speed dial type launchers just don't cut it. Even now, a month or so into Firefox 57, my pitiful little fingers keep doing the SiteLauncher dance even though nothing happens anymore. It would be a shame to let such a good extension die.
  • Hi David,
    please update the add-on to support Firefox 57 or make it open source so others can re-implement it. There is no similar add-on that works with Firefox 57!
  • Great add-on for navigating to favorite sites faster. Now please update it to be compatible with the latest Firefox Quantum. Thanks!
  • please update!!
  • I use everyday over 100 times and feel painful when upgrade to Firefox Quantum. Would you mind make it happen sooner ?
    Appreciate so much !
  • David, please upgrade this extension. Firefox quantum does not support this extension.
  • It's not working the new Firefox version is getting disabled, but aside it is really helpful.
  • When was the last update for this addon?
  • In my last review I said Sitelauncher didn't work anymore in Kubuntu. I failed to mention that I had failed to turn off automatic updates in FF, so I have FF 55.0.4. So Sitelauncher doesn't work in Kubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 in FF 55. I turned on Windows today and Sitelauncher is working just like it has for several years. That's Windows 7 SP 1, FF 54.0.1 (had auto updates turned off, already). I don't know if it is the different OS's or the different versions of FF that's causing the problem (or the new Sitelauncher install instead of upgrade in FF 55), maybe a combination of two or all of those. Personally, I think the main culprit is FF with these new, unnecessary changes. Sorry about blaming Sitelauncher as the sole contributor when it may not be the problem at all.
  • Not working at all.
  • On Firefox 5.3.03 - 32 bit the app does nearly all it claims to & if it really worked it'd be a grand app to have but it doesn't. Even after multiple attempts and restarts the beast will only allow the keys it wants. It even retains presets like Facebook that I've deleted then reassigned the key to another URL. It's about as frustrating as trying to score a bull on a dartboard with a blindfold. Deleting it now. Sorry to see it go - there was lot of promise but it just can't seal the deal.
  • Not compatible with multiprocess
  • This addon is marked as "not compatible with multiprocess" by Mozilla's Compatibility Reporter. Please make it compatible! More info at: http://arewee10syet.com
  • I like that it loads very fast ... works fine as well. Thanks!
  • In Firefox 51.0b1 (64bit) BETAdoes not have a captions next to the icons.
  • This does most of what I want in a homepage launcher: the ability to group bookmarks and to decide what bookmarks I want on my homepage rather than having the software decide for me based on "frequent" or "recent." However...

    My aging eyes aren't happy with the teeny icons and the teeny type, and Page Zoom does not work. I click the + button and the page goes blank. If you go to another tab, when you come back to the launcher page it's blank and you have to click on the Home icon to restore it. There's no way to access options from the launcher page, you have to go through the cumbersome process of drilling down through Firefox's Options menu if you want to change anything. Right clicking - which ought to bring up a context menu - simply makes the page go blank.

    I hope these oversights are fixed in a future update.
  • This Add on could potentially outdo speed dials in popularity!
  • In a previous review I complained of having this extension snatched away by Firefox. I've reinstalled it and happily have its use again, but have no confidence that Firefox will not disable it again. I urge the developer to sign it or do whatever's necessary to keep Firefox from disabling it.