SiteLauncher 2.8.9

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the SiteLauncher software (herein referred to as “SiteLauncher”)

Automatic software updates

If you have automatic-updates enabled in your browser, SiteLauncher may at times automatically check to determine if you are using the most current version of SiteLauncher and automatically download and install the most current version if necessary. In order to do this, your IP address, SiteLauncher version, and browser version may be transmitted to Mozilla's server(s). User profile information, internet session data (such as browser history) or any other form of private or personally identifiable information is not transmitted.

Third party links

The SiteLauncher software includes links to a number of third party websites. In common with web-based "hyperlinks", clicking (either by mouse, keyboard, or any other human input device) any of these links will direct your web browser to a URL belonging to the third party website. These third party websites have their own independent privacy policies, we therefore can hold no responsibility for their content or activities. Any existing link in SiteLauncher that you do not wish to keep can be removed using SiteLauncher's shortcut management interface, accessible by clicking the following within Firefox: SiteLauncher -> Manage Shortcuts.

Some of the third party website links present in SiteLauncher are "affiliate links". If you visit any of these affiliate links via SiteLauncher, the operators of that website will recognize you came from a link provided by SiteLauncher, and should you subsequently make a purchase on their website, DoneSmart may receive a commission on the sale - this will not affect the price of the transaction. None of the websites linked to from SiteLauncher share information about users or customers with DoneSmart.

The SiteLauncher software may include affiliate links to any of the following websites:, Amazon UK;, eBay AU, eBay CA, eBay UK, Which of these links appear in your installation of SiteLauncher is determined by your browser's country and language configuration.

DoneSmart is not in endorsed by any of the third party websites linked to from SiteLauncher.

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